Friday 29 June 2012

My fourth lovely reviewer to join Serendipity Reviews

I hadn't planned to take on any more reviewers but after the first fabulous review Caroline did of The Assassin's Curse earlier this month, I managed to convince her to join the team. So now I have four lovely ladies working with me to bring you a better blog with more reviews. To find out more about the other ladies please check the reviewers pages listed at the top of the blog.  
Caroline is a good friend of Laura over at Sister Spooky so I do feel a bit like I have swiped her, but Laura was happy for her to come on here. 
Here is Caroline to tell you a little about herself and where you can find her.

Howdy, I’m Caroline. I tend to operate on the internet under ‘Musing Dragon’. You can call me whatever you like.
I currently work for Transport for London on some cycling promotion type stuff (that’s cycling ya hear? Take your issues with buses/tubes/trains elsewhere!). I found myself writing for Serendipity Reviews somewhat by mistake after a one-off review for The Assassin’s Curse after winning an ARC. Prior to that, I was a fan of reading reviews by the likes of Sister Spooky (real life friend and chocolate maker).
I’ve always been a fan of books and grew up reading mostly fantasy novels by the likes of long-time favourite authors Robin Hobb, C S Friedman and Anne Bishop. My reading is fairly broad nowadays however, dabbling in Young Adult, historical and popular fiction. Outside of reading, I play World of Warcraft, have two cats named Honey and Bagel (who bring me regular dead animals as presents) and like to travel.
If you want to chat about books, cake or to slate one of my reviews, don’t hesitate to tweet me @musingdragon


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