Saturday 7 July 2012

Random House Bloggers Brunch

On the 16th June I was invited to the Random House Summer Blogger's Brunch in their Pimlico offices. It is a fabulous event where I get to meet all my blogging pals and drool over lots of new books. I also get to eat lots of cakes!
Before we devoured the cakes, Random House told us all about the new books they have coming out over the next few months.
You can't go to a Random House event and not hear about the final book in the Fallen series, which came out on the 21st of June. I can't believe the year has passed so quickly since the last book was mentioned. 
Now I know my reviewer Georgina will be excited by this one as she loved the first book, Vixen. This is the second book in The Flappers series, set in the Roaring Twenties in Chicago. Published on the 5th July. 
 A subject I haven't seen within YA books yet, I was surprised to discover that this story is set in the Killing Fields of Cambodia and is based on the true story by Arn Chorn-Pond. This is a harrowing read and will probably require tissues. A National Book Award finalist, even Arch Bishop Tutu is recommending we read this book. Out on the 2nd of August.
The name John Boyne is well known among book lovers after his amazing yet poignant book, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. This is quite different to his previous book and has a Dahlesque feel to it. The parents in the book have been described as similar to the ones in Matilda. The Brockets are a very normal and respectable family and don't like things to appear strange or different, so imagine their surprise and horror when their own son, Barnaby is born with the ability to defy gravity. They just can't cope and one day Barnaby floats away...
Published on the 2nd of August.
I am extremely excited by this book! This is the second Gothic thriller telling the story of young Victor Frankenstein. I loved the first book, This Dark Endeavour, it was so dark and chilling, so I am really looking forward to reading the next in the series. Published on the 2nd of July. 
Many of you will know that this was originally published as Before I Die, but has been changed to match the film version of the book due out this August. Dakota Fanning has taken the lead part of 16 year old Tessa, who has been given just a few months to live. I haven't read this, but it has been on my TBR list for ages, so I think with the film coming out, it is now time to get this book read. Published on the 30th August.
I can't help it! I utterly adore this cover! It is just gorgeous! 
Muddle and Win is a funny and rather clever story. Everyone has a Lifetime Deed Counter. If you offer help, you gain a point on your counter; if you steal or hurt someone, you lose a point. Get the idea? But what if the angel and demons dispute every thing you do as to whether it is good or bad? Not so easy to count now is it. 
This is a gorgeous little book that is published on the 30th August.
Everyone is waiting for this one. Terry Pratchett's new book Dodger. A dark yet funny tale set in Dickensian London with  a well known character - Dodger. Out the 13th of September. 
As soon as I heard that this was written by one of the co creators of Twin Peaks, my ears pricked up! I loved Twin Peaks. There is something special about Will West. He has tried so hard to stay at the middle of the road, scoring average grades. Until accidently, he scores much higher than average, resulting in him quickly recruited by an exclusive and mysterious school with the best technology ever. 
At the same time, Will realises he is being followed, and his family might be in danger. 
This is published on the 27th September.
This has been described as 'The Time Traveller's Wife for teens'. So I can't wait to read it. Two teenagers from 1995 and 2012 collide. If you like Jenny Downham and Gayle Forman, you will love this one! When I mentioned it on Twitter, I had other  UK publishers telling me how brilliant it was! Out on the 25th of October.
This is not going to be for the young YA readers. It was originally pitched for adults, so it is definitely being aimed at the older YA readers. If you read RL Stine when you were growing up, then this is the one for you. Published on 11th of October.
This was written by the author who wrote The Toy Maker and it is described as very very dark. Sent in a German town  a long time ago, it follows the story of the Toothpuller's Apprentice. Published on the 1st November. 
 Other books coming out late December 
Enders by Lissa Price - major squeeing for this one.
Hot Blooded by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie - second book in the Wolf Springs Chronicles.

So some seriously fabulous books coming out from Random House.
While at the event we got to see how the design team come up with the awesome covers for the books. We were shown how they managed to produce a cover in two weeks for Crusher by Niall Leonard, whose wife is known for writing about a certain Mr Grey. 
Pretty amazing for a two week turn around!
We also got to hear about the new series of books being brought out by Vintage Books. They are branching into children's classic and will be publishing 30 books by the end of the year. The books will be launched in August and I will be having a whole week dedicated to them on the blog. 
If that wasn't enough to whet our appetites, the ladies of RHCB then introduced us to Laura Dockrill, who is the author of Darcy Burdock, which will be published in 2013. I don't think I have ever met such an enigmatic author, who knows how to command an audience. Laura Dockrill is seriously a name to remember  for next year.
As always, we were provided with a gorgeous goody bag which included some of the books discussed during the session. 
Thank you Random House Children's Books for a fabulous day. 
Here are some pictures of the event. 
 Hannah from My Book Journey, Sarah from Feeling Fictional and Sammee from I Want To Read That! catching up with Michelle from Fluttering Butterflies.
 The enigmatic author, Laura Dockrill, showing off her shoes of awesomeness that caused some severe drooling! You know what girls are like when it comes to shoes!
 A few lovelies chatting and leaving the evidence of cake lying around.
 Lauren and Lauren, two of the fabulous Random House girlies, having their photo taken with Laura Dockrill.
 The essential lunch after brunch session in the pub. Sophie from So Many Books, Michelle from Fluttering Butterflies and Raimy from Readaraptor.
Lucy from Choose YA discussing books while Laura and Lauren enjoy the wine!


  1. What a great collection! Never Fall Down and the new John Boyne look very intriguing. And yes, I now have major shoe envy :)

    1. Never Fall Down will make you cry. I have been told that this week! The shoes are just fabulous.

  2. Awesome as always :D Good books and amazing shoes

  3. I love all the great events the publishers put on for y'all! Never Fall Down and Dodger both appeal to me!

  4. It was such a lovely day :) And I'm dying to get my hands on Ingenue!

  5. It was a wonderful blogger brunch and I loved our goody bags... RHCP have so many gret books coming out this year and next.

  6. Time Between Us sounds good! :D But I like the other cover better. And that cover done in two weeks is good! I didnt know they would take that long to make a cover D:

  7. Fab write up, I can't wait to read so many of RHCP's books this time around *counts the pennies* :)

  8. Wow, that it looks like a really fun event! I'm so jealous! ;D Looking forward to all the upcoming releases, especially that John Boyne one. Thanks for sharing :) x


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