Saturday 22 September 2012

Cover Lust (9)

Here are the latest books to have me just drooling at the covers! 
Orleans by Sherri L. Smith. will be published by Putnam Publishing Group in March 2013. I can't help it but I love this cover and anything written about New Orleans is a good read in my books. 
A few of the lovely bloggers revealed this cover this week of the next book to be penned by the rather talented Cat Clarke. Undone will be published by Quercus in January 2013 and personally I can't blooming wait. If you haven't had the pleasure of reading a Cat Clarke book yet then you really need to!
This gorgeous cover was posted around the blogging world earlier this week and I actually misplaced the email after emptying out my email box. Luckily Laura at Sister Spooky posted this so we can all see how gorgeous it is. Mystic City by Theo Lawrence is published this week by Corgi Books and is a gripping Romeo and Juliet style novel! Can't wait to hear more. 
An email concerning this book dropped in my inbox this week and I was positively drooling. Set in the prestigious New York Ballet Company, this debut by Yelena Black will be published by Bloomsbury on the 14th of February. I can't wait to read this book!!!

I want them all! All I tell you! 


  1. That's another for my TBR list! Orleans looks and sounds amazing - I also love books set there =) Mix that with dystopia and I've got no choice...

  2. All of those covers are stunning - especially Undone and Dance with Shadows.

  3. The cover of Dance of Shadows looks amazing!

  4. Wow these covers are awesome. I'm currently reading Mystic City and the cover is beautiful. Picture don't do it any justice.


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