Tuesday 18 September 2012

Poltergeeks Blog Tour - Your Geekiness Moment!

As part of the POLTERGEEKS Blog Tour, I have the fabulous author Sean Cummings, discussing his geekiest moment! 
What's your geekiest moment? I like to think of myself as a geek - God knows I wasn't King of the geeks in high school, but I was certainly up there. It's entirely possible that a geek lives in all of us - it's just that some of us wear our geekiness on full display for the world to see. As a matter of fact, I think 2012 is probably the best time in human history to display your geek factor. And what better way to show your geek than to wear a geek shirt or a geek jacket. Some people even have geek tattoos, though I'm a bit squeamish when it comes to getting my skin injected with ink. My 22 year old son .. not so much. He's got boatloads of tattoos.

There are Star Trek geeks, Star Wars geeks, computer geeks, book geeks, comic geeks, sci- fi geeks ... the list goes on. So, seeing as how we're going to do a giveaway courtesy of Vivienne and her fabulous blog , I think we should have a little contest. In the comments section below, give an example of what makes you the King or Queen of geeks and the best answer gets a free copy of POLTERGEEKS courtesy of Strange Chemistry Books.

And if you're in London from October 1-October 8th, I'll be at a couple of venues and would love to hear first hand how you wear your geekhood with pride.

Okay ... geek out everyone! Let's hear what you've got!

Thanks Sean for an excellent post. 
So you heard Sean, if you want to win a copy of Poltergeeks, all you have to do is tell us what your geekiest moment has been in the comments below and add your email address so that I can contact you if you win. The competition is only open in the UK and will close on the 25th of   September. 

To find out more about Sean Cummings:
Twitter: @saskatoonauthor


  1. Great post, Niece #2 has requested a copy of Poltergeeks for her birthday so it would be wonderful to win a copy so that I didn't have to borrow hers.

    A bit of a geek when it comes to my knowledge of all things hedgehog my geekiest moment came when we found an injured one. Doing all of the recommended things we eventually jumped into the car and took it to a local vets. Feeling rather superior I was brought down to earth with a bump when after explaining the nature of the problem, the receptionist asked 'Name?' To which I replied 'Oh, we've only just found him so I haven't had time to give him a name'. Looking at me as if I was mad, she said 'Actually it was your name I was wanting.' Whoops!


  2. Great, "geeky" post! Poltergeeks sounds like a super fun book.

  3. Geekiest moment, going to the Harry Potter film dressed in my full hogwarts gear as hermione!

  4. My geekest moment that I can remember is using 1 / Cos C instead of saying sexy (Sec C). Do you get it?

    1/Cos C = Sec C in Trigonometry.

    Yup, geeky that;s me.

  5. Hmm, I don't think I've had a major geek moment, just loads of little one. These mostly consist of me squealing too loudly in a quiet place about something, usually a book I really want or seeing a Harry Potter related poster. Actually, I was once out-geeked by my boyfriend when I couldn't remember a spell from HP and he could! He never left me live it down!


  6. Great guest post! Can't wait for the launch :)

    heydaph at gmail.com

  7. Great post, hooray for fellow geeks!

    heydaph at gmail.com

  8. I am a self-proclaimed Doctor Who, Harry Potter and book geek. Most of my geek moments are when I squeal really loudly in a bookstore, but I think my geekiest moment was the extremely loud, high-pitched scream I produced when I saw my parents had got me a life-size cut out of the tenth Doctor for my 18th birthday. *squee!*


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