Saturday 8 September 2012

The Darkest Corners ( Invisible Fiends) by Barry Hutchison

Pages - 270
Published by HarperCollins Children's Books in August 2012
Book kindly sent by publisher for an honest review.

What had I expected to see? I wasn't sure. An empty street. One or two late-night wanderers maybe. But not this. Never this.
There were hundreds of them. Thousands. They scuttled and scurried through the darkness, swarming over the village like an infeciton; relentless and unstoppable.

Goodreads Summary
Kyle is a bit of a problem child. He won’t do what his dad tells him. But that’s because his dad wants Kyle to unleash the scuttling, screaming, killer creatures of the Darkest Corners and bring about the end of the world. Now might be a good time to rebel…
After six fast paced dramatic and scary books, Mr Hutchison has finished the Invisible Fiends series in a thrilling display of fireworks and exploding body parts, going out with a huge bang! What a finale! Finally every remaining thread is tied together to bring you a rather surprising ending, which I then kicked myself for not seeing.  
I really don't want to give any spoilers away, so I need to be really careful what I say but it is hard to keep quiet. This book was very good and was a fabulous ending to a fiendish series. I would seriously recommend Harper Collins Children's Books bringing all the books out in a bound set ready for Christmas, because I am pretty sure anyone with boys aged between 9 to 12 would love this series. Not to be sexist, I seriously think a large majority of the girls would enjoy it too - if they like a little bit of horror, then buy these for them - I promise you they will devour the whole series in a weekend and a quiet Christmas will be had by all.
This book sees the return of all the characters from the previous books and it was like meeting old friends, or should I say old enemies. I can't help it but I really love Mr Mumbles and I know I shouldn't, but that guy does have a softer side, you just have to search a little bit for it.  I was so pleased to see Ameena do the right thing in the end too. 
I thought the epilogue was brilliant - it really made  certain aspects of the  series  finally make sense. It was like a light bulb moment that I should have guessed beforehand, but the author cleverly hid the evidence so that I had no idea.
This really is a brilliant series with an original storyline, smattered with the author's sarcastic humour which I have grown to love. Just imagine if your worst nightmare came true and you had to deal with it. Well Mr Hutchison has done it with style. Fast paced, not stop action all the way through. 


  1. Have only gotten round to these great stories recently, but I'm loving them. Can't wait to reach the final estallment!


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