Saturday 20 October 2012

Choc Lit - Box of Surprises!

I might be a bit late to the party, but I found a lovely publisher online this week and I 've spent quite a few hours drooling over their books and downloading some of them. So I thought it might be nice to share a few of the fabulous titles they have on offer, so you can see if they might be the kinds of books you would love to read too. Some are available now while others will be published in the near future. 
The Kindle prices for these books are also outstanding at the moment, so this might be a perfect time to introduce yourself to Choc Lit. 
Choc Lit was established in 2009 and they are hell bent on developing excellent women's romantic fiction with the hero's point of view standing out within the story. Personally I am intrigued! Looking at them from the viewpoint of a bookaholic, I am envisioning YA style fiction but for adults!
Available Now
The Untied Kingdom by Kate Johnson is listed under sci fi and fantasy. The portal into another world was the start of all of Evie's troubles. Available at 99p for the Kindle at the moment. 
Click here to find out more. 
The Silent Touch of Shadows by Christina Courtenay. From the blurb describing this book, I get the feeling of an author similar to Barbara Erskine. This is available for £1.99 for the Kindle at the moment. This is the author's fourth book with Choc Lit. 
What will it take to put the past to rest? Professional genealogist Melissa Grantham receives an invitation to visit her family's ancestral home, Ashleigh Manor. From the moment she arrives, life-like dreams and visions haunt her.
To read the first couple of chapters, click here.

Vampire State of Mind by Jane Lovering. I have a feeling I am going to love this author. Described as 'adventurous and witty' but with vampires - I couldn't ask for anything more. Want to read the first chapter, then please click here.  Available at £1.99 for the Kindle. 
Love and Freedom by Sue Moorcroft. This is set partially in Brighton. My stomping ground! Click here to read the first chapter. Available at £1.98 for the Kindle.
To Be Published 
Out of Sight Out of Mind by Evonne Wareham is listed as a paranormal thriller.  It will be published in March 2013. 
The author won an award with her first novel and this one is getting rave reviews too. The lead character is a scientist with a talent for reading minds. I am hooked!
To find out more, click here
No Such Thing As Immortality by Sarah Tranter will be published in January 2013. An adult version of Twilight but written completely from the hero's point of view - a vampire! To find out more, please click here. 
A Stitch In Time by Amanda James will be published in April and is a time travel novel!!! *jumps with joy* *pushes The Time Traveller's Wife to the back of the cupboard to make way for the new kid in town*
As you can see I am very excited by this one. To find out more, click here. 
Hubble Bubble by Jane Lovering is the second book by this author to feature in this list. Give me witch craft and I am happy girl! This will be published in June 2013. To find out more, please click here. 
Dream a Little Dream by Sue Moorcroft - this is the author's fifth Choc Lit novel and will be available from November 7th! What would you do to make your dreams come true. To read the first chapter, please click here. 


  1. Oooh, lots of these look really good. I will be checking them out! Great find!

  2. These books do look very tempting! Delicious post!!

  3. Oh these sound fab! :) Adding to wishlist now lol.

  4. Love the cover on the Silent Touch of Shadows. enjoy them all

  5. It's a great collection. So pleased you found it and loved it x


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