Thursday 25 October 2012

Honey Trap by Julie Cohen

Pages - 340 
Published by Little Black Dress, an imprint of Headline - 2008
Book - my own copy. 
Sophie Tennant had never seen her date in real life, but she knew he was brown-eyed, brown-haired, slightly built, and a scumbag.
Goodreads Summary

Sophie Tennant is used to sticky situations because Sophie used to be a private investigator, setting honey traps for husbands and giving wives grounds for divorce. But these days she's an aromatherapist - an aromatherapist who's going on tour with a rock band, baby! 

Which is all good until she recognises the band's bassist, Dominick Steele: her first honey trap, and the man who taught her she has a dangerous attraction to bad boys. But her attraction's not half as lethal as the vengeful spouse who suddenly seems to be following her!
I have been meaning to read this book for awhile, however it wasn't until I went on a writing course led by the author that I finally picked it up. I would like to say on record, that my decision to read this book wasn't influenced in any way by this post -
There is nothing on record about my thoughts on Patrick Dempsey what so ever. *coughs* Moving on to the book!
I read this book practically in one afternoon as Mr Steele accompanied me on my journey to London and back last week. This book is pure escapism! I was quite lost in my own little world while reading this book. I was completely swept away by the story that easily blended suspense with romance.
Within the first paragraph you are hooked, as you try to work out how Sophie would know her blind date was a scumbag, definitely creating a page turning tale that must be finished. There are scenes of a sexual nature involved, so probably not one to leave out and about around the kids.
Sophie, the main character, has issues with trust. As her story unravels you understand why she decided to take the career moves she did. Her issues with trust are only strengthened when she tries to resist the charms of Dominick Steele, who in her eyes, epitomises everything she hates in a man who appears at first glance to be a habitual cheater.  The story follows them both as they cope with situations that escalate out of their control, as they try and get past the issue of trust.
The book has a real 80's feel to it, as Sophie goes on tour with an old band, making a huge comeback and I found myself feeling quite nostalgic for my Wham days!    
If you grew up loving books such as Imogen and Olivia by Jilly Cooper, then you will truly love this story. It was spine tingling and moreish!

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