Friday 23 November 2012

Blood Brothers by Nora Roberts

Pages - 320
Published by Piatkus in December 2007
It crawled along the air that hung heavy as wet wool over the glade. Through the snakes of fog that slid silent over the ground, its hate crept. It came for him through the heat-smothered night. 
It wanted his death. 
Goodreads Summary

Every seven years, there comes a week in July when the locals do unspeakable things - and then don't seem to remember them. The collective madness has made itself known beyond the town borders and has given Hawkins Hollow the reputation of a village possessed. 
This modern-day legend draws reporter and author Quinn Black to Hawkins Hollow with the hope of making the eerie happening the subject of her new book. It is only February, but Caleb Hawkins, descendent of the town founders, has already seen and felt the stirrings of evil. Though he can never forget the beginning of the terror in the woods twenty-one years ago, the signs have never been this strong before. Cal will need the help of his best friends, Fox and Gage, but surprisingly he must rely on Quinn as well. She, too, can see the evil that the locals cannot, somehow connecting her to the town - and to Cal. As winter turns to spring, Cal and Quinn will shed their inhibitions, surrendering to a growing desire. They will form the cornerstone of a group of men and women bound by fate, passion, and the fight against what is to come from out of the darkness...
I will hold my hands up and admit that I have avoided reading Nora Roberts. I don't really have  a valid reason for it; I think it might be down to the vastness of her book collection. Yet I was curious; so many people kept telling me how wonderful she was, I knew I had to give in and try one.  And I did! Well I couldn't believe how utterly brilliant it was and now I want to read EVERYTHING she has ever written. 
Blood Brothers was just my kind of book. Filled to the brim with paranormal elements, unsuspecting frights, suspense, tension and a really hot romance too.
This is the first book of three in the series and I get the impression that all three of the  friends fall in love, a different one in each book as the horrors of Hawkins Hollow unfold. 
From the first page, I was gripped and compelled to read on. Even with the goriest of storylines giving me nightmares between reads. I was so surprised to find it so frightening in parts - I never imagined Nora Roberts to write novels like that.  On reading the reviews, it seems that she is extremely gifted at drawing her readers quickly into a book and definitely an author I need to study more. 
The three main male characters are rather swoonsome  if not a little troubled. They really do have the world on their shoulders as they prepare for the bad things that will be coming their way very soon. Quinn, the main female character swoops in and changes Cal's life, making him realise that there is more to life than the troubles that fill Hawkin's Hollow. At times Quinn is a little annoying - she was a bit full on for me - very direct and forthright in her nature. 
I loved the way the little group of six formed a united front. The way their lives were entwined together; the circumstances that brought about their involvement with each other. 
All the characters in the book stood out. I am guessing this author likes to know each and every one's  back story, as they are extremely life like in nature, each with their own set of problems and beliefs. 
The ending wasn't as climatic as I thought it would be, but I understand why as this is only the first book of the three and I can see that the suspense will only build and build as the series progresses.
I desperately need the next two books now - I have to know what happens next. 
I shall enjoy welcoming Nora Roberts into my book collection.


  1. An author I've avoided for pretty much the same reason as yourself, perhaps I'll give this one a try.

    1. I would definitely recommend Nora Roberts after reading this. I honestly can't wait to read more.


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