Saturday 10 November 2012

Chuck a Book with Andrew from The Pewter Wolf

Today on Chuck a Book, I have the rather lovely Andrew from The Pewter Wolf, telling us all his book secrets.  All images of books have come from either Goodreads or Amazon. Please click on the pictures to find out more about the books mentioned. Also if you want to find out more about Andrew, then click on his blog button below. 
The best book you have ever read.
First question and, already, the hardest. I am going to say Harry Potter, but am torn over which I adore the most. I’m going to say Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, closely followed by Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. This series made me fall in love with reading all over again.
A book you loved from your childhood.
I loved Roald Dahl when I was younger. My faves of his were George’s Marvellous Medicine and Fantastic Mr Fox. I just loved them! Oh, and The Invisible Dog by Dick King Smith (I always that Roald Dahl and Dick King Smith was the same person when I was younger...)
A book that made you laugh.
The last book that made me laugh was Gin O’Clock by The Queen [of Twitter] aka @Queen_UK. I hope there’s as sequel as I couldn’t help snorting with laughter!
A book you could not finish.
Now, I like this question. There have been books in the past that I wish that I never finished! But the three that popped into my head when I saw this was Night Watch by Terry Prachett, Delirium by Lauren Oliver and, probably the worse book I ever spent a Xmas giftcard on, The Book of the Dead by Patricia Cornwall. Oh, how I detested that book! That’s the only book I have ever thrown across the room, screaming “There are other words other than says!”
A book that made you swoon.
No book has ever made me swoon. Characters, on the other hand... well, that’s completely different! I think I have time-shares with people for fictional boyfriends/husbands/one night stands...

A book you can’t wait to read.
In my To Read pile or going to come out soon? If it’s coming out soon, it would be either Is It Just Me? by Miranda Hart or The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling. If it’s in my To Read pile... er... Too many to choose from! Let’s not go there, shall we?
A series you have read and loved.
Harry Potter! How dare you ask that?
A book that made you cry.
No book has ever made me cried. I feel for the characters and the situation they’re in, but I’ve never cried. But I have got angry at characters and books. But that’s a different matter altogether...

Your guilty pleasure book.
I don’t think I have one now. When I was younger, I would reread Harry Potter and Mirror Dreams by Catherine Webb on holidays. But now, the only author I can think of is Stephenie Meyer (mainly The Host and New Moon) as people don’t expect me to like her novels.
A book that took you out of your comfort zone.
Cat Clarke’s Entangled. I usually stay away from books that deal with dark issues such as self-harming, but I’m so happy that I read this. Cat’s one of my favourite authors at the moment.

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