Tuesday 15 January 2013

The Confessions of An Angry Girl Blog Tour

As part of the Confessions of an Angry Girl blog tour I was pleased to have the author Louise Rozett on the blog for a mini interview.
The book deals with very emotional subjects - was it an emotionally tough novel to write? 
In some ways, it was. I really loved high school, but as a teenager, I was not prepared for a lot of the big issues, and that got me into some trouble (especially since I was attracted to the bad boys, or the boys who at least liked to seem like they were bad). It was fascinating for me to revisit that time in my life through looking at photos, reading notes I still have, reading journals, and talking to my high school friends. It made me want to go back in time and impart knowledge to my 14-year-old self, but of course it doesn’t work that way. You have to make the mistakes in order to learn.
Who are your favourite authors? 
I know everyone says this, but the great Judy Blume had a major effect on me as a teenager. She was writing about issues that I was both curious about, and frightened by, and I turned to her books for information, particularly emotional information. I wanted to know what it felt like to get your period, or to have sex for the first time, and that information wasn’t available to me anywhere else. I could get the practical information elsewhere, but not the emotional information. For that, I turned to the wonderful characters Judy Blume created, characters that I would venture to say most YA writers still carry around in their heads as adults. When I set out to write a YA book, Judy Blume was my gold standard in terms of how she bypassed the adult world and connected directly with her readers, knowing exactly what it was they wanted to read about. 
But my favourite book of all time is The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon. It absolutely kills me. Plus, I’m still I'm madly in love with Joe—one of the main characters—even though I read the book about 10 years ago. I just can't help it. Joe will always have my heart.
What types of books do you usually read yourself? 
I’m very drawn to character-driven books in both YA and adult. I’m not interested in books that are so plot driven that I don’t get to know anything about the character. Right now I’m reading Swamplandia! by Karen Russell, which is totally amazing—what an incredible world she created with such fantastic teenage characters. And I recently finished Wonder by R.J. Palacio, and Shine by Lauren Myracle, both of which I thought were just beautiful, and had really compelling main characters.

To find more about this book, please check out the book trailer below. I will be reviewing the book later today on the blog, so do pop back to find out how good it really is.

To find out more about the author please visit the following website.www.louiserozett.com

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  1. Aw, awesome post! I read and loved this book and it really did surprise me. I can't wait for the second book. Donna xoxo


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