Sunday 3 March 2013

Letterbox Love (24)

Britain at it's best, bringing you it's own version of IMM! All the books that came through my letterbox thanks to publishers and Royal Mail! This meme is hosted by the amazing Lynsey from Narratively Speaking.
I have been meaning to do this post for the last couple of weeks but now I’ve forgotten what I have received, so I’m starting afresh with the books that have arrived this week.
Magic Trix Book 1: The Witching Hour and Book 2: Flying High by Sara Grant. Published by Orion Children’s Books in March. Aren’t these covers beautiful. This is a brand new series from YA author, Sara Grant and I am super excited to get to know Trix, a little witch on her journey to becoming a real fairy godmother.
The Extincts by Veronica Cossanteli arrived at my house with sweets! And feathers! This will be published in May by Chicken House and is an exciting debut for the 7 to 11 age bracket, reminiscent of Dick King-Smith and Eva Ibbotson. George helps out at Wormestall Farm, a hidden sanctuary for extinct strange animals. Watch out for the return of dodos, dragons and dinosaurs!
The Book of Doom by Barry Hutchison is published on the 28th February by HarperCollins Children’s Books. I love the way Barry writes and I can’t wait to get into this,  the second book in the Afterworlds sequence. There is panic in Heaven. They have mislaid the Book of Doom – the most important object in existence. Oopsy!
Itch Rocks by the amazing DJ Simon Mayo is published by Doubleday in February 2013. Element 126 – the whole world is searching for it. One boy knows where it is! This is the second book in the Itch series.
Raining Fire by Alan Gibbons is published by Indigo in March. Alan Gibbons writes some rather powerful books and this one packs some punches. This is a powerful, fast paced real life thriller about gun crime in an inner city gangland.
Ebooks to review
Out of Sight Out of Mind by Evonne Wareham published by Choc Lit in February.My first Choc Lit book for review and I am super excited. Watch out for Choc Lit news later today on the blog. Madison Albi is a scientist with a very special talent – for reading minds.
The Disgrace of Kitty Grey by Mary Hooper is published by Bloomsbury in May. I love Mary Hooper’s book and I can’t wait to read this. Poor Kitty has an idyllic life as a dairy maid courting the affections of Will, hoping that he will ask her to marry him soon. However when Will disappears to London, Kitty sets off to find him while purchasing a book for her employees. Life gets a little darker for Kitty while in London…
The Great Ice-cream Heist by Elen Caldecott will be published by Bloomsbury in June. This will be my first book by Elen Caldecott and I am really excited as I have heard such good things about her books.  A warm and funny adventure about sticking with your friends.
So they are the books that arrived in my house this week. Which ones would you like to read?


  1. Looks like a great week in books! The Great Ice-Cream Heist sounds adorable!

  2. I'm so looking forward to The Extincts. We had the beginning read to us at the Chicken House Little Breakfast and it sounds excellent. Looking forward to Kitty Grey as well!

  3. Nice! I wasn't sure whether I would like Kitty Grey so I declined.

  4. I got The Disgrace if Kitty Grey last week and it looks really good! Happy reading :)

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