Thursday 25 April 2013

Chicken House Books!

A couple of weeks ago I received a huge envelope filled to the brim with details of the  gorgeous books coming from Chicken House over the next couple of months. So being a good book blogger, I thought it would be lovely to share the information about them.
The Drowning from the bestselling author of the Numbers trilogy, Rachel Ward is published on the 2nd of May. This is the first book in a haunting new series that has a paranormal twist and explores the idea of teen identity. This is a dark psychological drama about amnesia, blood ties, jealousy, love and redemption.
You Don’t Know Me by Sophia Bennett. From the 2009 winner of The Times/Chicken House Fiction competition, this is published in May.What happens if you betray your best friend on TV in front of millions? The whole world lines up to judge you. A bittersweet drama that follows the fragile balance between friendship and fame.
The Extincts by Veronica Cossanteli is also published in May. This debut is aimed at 7 to 11 year olds and follows in the writing style of Dick King-Smith and Eva Ibbotson. George helps out at Wormstall Farm, a hidden sanctuary for extinctly strange animals that shouldn’t be here: didos, dinosaurs and dragons.
Terminal is the highly anticipated sixth book in the internationally best selling Tunnels series written by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams. The movie for the first book Tunnels is currently in pre-production! This also comes out in May.
Chasing The Dark is a crime mystery debut from author Sam Hepburn. Inspired by Dickens' Great Expectation and the opening of the KGB archives in 2009. The book has been described as Horowitz meets Le Carre for young teens. Told through the eyes of a teenage boy investigating the death of his mother.
My Friend The Enemy by Dan Smith is published in July. I’m very excited by this as I’ve got to know Dan quite well on Twitter. This is his first children’s book as normally he writes for adults. Aimed at the 9 to 12 age bracket, this is  an exciting and thought provoking World War II adventure with shades of Michael Morpurgo about it.
These two books will be published in June.  The first one is the gripping stand-alone prequel to The Cry of the Ice Mark. The Cry of the Ice Mark originally won the Waterstones Children’s Book prize in 2005 and Chicken House have given it a new cover. Seen as a Game of Thrones for young teens. The author has created a wonderful fantasy world which has brought joy to many teens. I haven’t read it but I really want to after reading about it.
So there you have the new books coming from Chicken House Books over the next couple of months. Which ones are you interested in?


  1. The Drowning and Chasing The Dark sound amazing! Thanks for introducing me to these awesome titles :)

    - Ellie at The Selkie Reads Stories

  2. These sound great--definitely worth mentioning! I hope you get to read some of them soon.


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