Thursday 4 April 2013

Magic Trix: Flying High by Sara Grant

Trix leaned forwards and aimed her broom for the stars. She shot off like a rocket, bursting through a thick, fluffy mattress of clouds. Speeding through the clouds felt like being tickled by a thousand feathers. The whipped through her curly brown hair as she flew higher and higher and faster and faster until Little Witching was a twinkly blur below her.
Pages – 134
Published by Orion Children’s Books in March 2013
There’s a big surprise in store for witch-in-training, Trix Morgan, but first she must learn to fly her very own broomstick – with a little help from her magic kitten, Jinx. There are lots of thrills and spills – will Trix ever get the hang of flying? And can she help Pippa overcome mean-girl Stella’s nasty tricks?
I just adore this series and we have only got as far as book 2! I honestly can’t wait to see what else will happen as Trix learns the art of becoming a fairy godmother. In this book, Trix and the other students learn to fly. It isn’t as easy as it looks  but with the help of some magical friends, Trix is soon soaring through the sky. Jinx, her familiar is utterly gorgeous as he skips through the story, occasionally giving his side of the story.
We finally get to meet Trix’s Aunt Belle, who oozes independence and excitement. You can see why Trix adores her so much. As the story progresses, surprises magically occur and Trix learns so much more about the people she loves.
I would have adored this book as a child and I cannot recommend this series enough. It is just bursting with magic surrounding a brilliant storyline. Add a sprinkling of magical characters and you have a beautiful timeless tale.
A short sweet book that makes you wish you had just a smidgen of magic in your finger tips. I am really looking forward to Book Three.

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  1. This sounds like it is made of sweetness, I'm very tempted by it :)


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