Friday 26 April 2013

Recent Cover Reveals from Bloomsbury

I meant to show you these last week, but as I mentioned before life in the Dacosta household has been a bit hectic of late. Anyway better late than never.  Bloomsbury have two rather fantastic books coming out in the next few months and if you haven’t seen the new covers then you are in for a treat.
Neil Gaiman revealed the cover for his children’s book Fortunately The Milk which is illustrated by the rather talented Chris Riddell. Bloomsbury mentioned in the email, 'the book will be illustrated throughout by Chris Riddell, and will be the third Neil Gaiman project that Chris Riddell has worked on. Chris has previously illustrated the tenth anniversary edition of Coraline and The Graveyard Book, for which he was Kate Greenaway Medal shortlisted.’
‘The cover features the book’s hero, a stegosaurus professor and the eponymous milk flying through time and space in a very special machine.’
‘Fortunately, the Milk is an adventure for both young readers and those young at heart. It features aliens, dinosaurs, volcano gods and a pint of milk that saves the universe!’
In the email I received the following illustrations were included. FTM illustration 2FTM illustration 3
Don’t they look awesome!
Exciting stuff! Fortunately, the Milk will be published on the 17th of September.
The covers for Crown on Midnight were also revealed. The Crown of Midnight is the second Throne of Glass book and in the picture you have the UK cover on the left and US one on the right. I love it already! This will be published in the UK on August 15th.
I can’t wait for both of these books!

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