Wednesday 3 April 2013

Someday Find Me by Nicci Cloke

People say we’re made for each other and maybe they’re right.  It seems like we’ve known each other for ever and life before seems dusty and faded, like old memories that belong to other people.  Like we only really began when we found each other.  We tell each other our secrets and our fears and everything that happens to us each day.  When we’re at work we’re always thinking of each other.  We finish each other’s sentences and speak each other’s thoughts.  We’re not great minds but we always think alike.
Published by 4th Estate on the 20th May 2013
Pages - 259
Goodreads Summary
When kindred spirits Fitz and Saffy find each other they discover perfect bliss.  The rest of London is united in its obsession with missing student Fate Jones, but when troubled Saffy slips back into the grasp of an eating disorder Fitz starts to find the city a very lonely place.
Desperate to save the girl he adores, Fitz turns to Saffy’s estranged family for help.  But he must find the strength to pull his girlfriend back from the brink himself.
A bittersweet and thought-provoking romance, Someday Find Me is the story of two lonely people finding love in a world where it can be so easily lost.
Reviewed by Georgina Tranter
Fitz and Saffy are twenty-something’s living in London.  They meet at a party and instantly connect with each other.  Soon they are living together and they become each other’s worlds.  The news that a teenager, Fate Jones, has gone missing draws the whole country together as they speculate in their own heads what may have happened to her.  Fitz and Saffy realise that they really only have each other to depend on.
Spiralling into drugs and debt fails to bring the two closer though, and Saffy soon slips back into her anorexic ways.  Fitz finds he is unable to help her and as a last resort, contacts her family for advice.  As the couple find themselves apart for the first time, both realise that they need each other to survive.
As Saffy disappears from her parents’ home, Fitz sets out to try to find her.  Knowing that despite everything, the only way forward is to go forward together.
This is Nicci Cloke’s first novel and is written for older teenagers.  It is a gritty tale of two people who only have each other to rely on.  Neither is particularly close to their families and they have come to London to experience ‘real-life’.  Unfortunately the life they get only revolves around each other and sometimes this dependency on one other person can lead to destruction.  Can love find a way to conquer all?  Will Fitz and Saffy find their happy-ever-after?  An easy, but all-too realistic read, about love in the modern world.

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