Friday 10 May 2013

Fantasy Dinner Party with Tera Lynn Childs

I’m really happy to welcome Tera Lynn Childs, author of the Forgive My Fins series and the Medusa trilogy on the blog, to let us into her fantasy dinner party.
The first rule of a good dinner party is definitely diversity, so if I were hosting six real or fictional people for a meal I would want them to represent a broad spectrum of life and literature. I'm a vegan, and I would host this wild group at my favorite vegan restaurant in the world, Doomie's Home Cookin' in Los Angeles.
Mr. Darcy
After Logan from the Baby-Sitter's Club series, Mr. Darcy was my first real literary crush and the hero of my all-time favorite book. He's tall, dark, and mysterious and, of course, all the ladies want to get to know the truth under the cold exterior. No dinner party is complete without a little bit of eye candy to leave the ladies tittering. Since Doomie's is more home style than five star, he would probably be too good to order anything at first. But after one bite of fried avocado he'd realize his the error of his snobby ways and would be willing to try it all.
Jon Snow
The rebellious cutie from Game of Thrones is like Mr. Darcy with a dangerous edge. He's just as dark and mysterious, and he does tend to draw the attention of the ladies. After stuffing him full of vegan country fried steak and vegan fried chicken--he definitely needs the sustenance after all that time in the north--I'd ask him all about the Night's Watch, his mother's identity, and what will happen next on the show.
Quince Fletcher
A girl recently asked me how I came up with the character of Quince Fletcher in Forgive My Fins, and I confessed that he's basically a compilation of all the pieces that make up my idea of a perfect boy. Hot? Check. Bad boy? Check. Heart of gold with a soft spot for a certain mermaid? Oh definitely. How could I not invite him to the party. Quince would be glad to have something--anything--that isn't raw fish, and he would especially love the vegan Philly cheesesteak.
Brad Pitt
Clearly, my dinner party is boy-heavy. I'm a girl, what can I say? But my motives for inviting Brad are about more than just his pretty, pretty face. See, we actually went to the same high school (albeit twelve years apart) and we even played for the same tennis coach. I would want to get his perspective on his years as a Kickapoo Chief. (Yes, really. That’s why...) He can bring Angelina and the kids too. There will be plenty of vegan creme brûlée and red velvet cupcakes to keep everyone happy.
Okay, so technically Pickwick is a band and not a person, but I adore their music and they seem like a lot of fun. Plus, they're adorable. And if things get slow at the dinner party they could break out the instruments and play Hacienda Motel to get the groove flowing. Since they're musicians, I think they probably eat one of everything. I bet the vegan nachos and the jalapeño poppers would be huge hits.
Jennifer Lawrence
I am such a fan of her--not only her acting, but her public person, too, which seems very genuine and fun. She'd be cracking jokes and poking fun of herself all night, keeping everyone laughing. She's very upfront about her love of food in general, so I imagine she'd order a vegan cheeseburger with extra French fries.
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Wow, what a great dinner party. I definitely want to come to this one.
Thank you Tera for a brilliant post.
Sweet Shadows, the second book in the Medusa trilogy was published in March 2013.
To find out more about Tera Lynn Childs:

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