Tuesday 23 July 2013

Maisie Hitchins: The Case of the Vanishing Emerald by Holly Webb

"Maisie! Maisie!"
Maisie Hitchins looked up from the hallway of her gran's boarding house to see Lottie Lane, the actress who rented the third-floor rooms. She was hanging over the banisters in a most undignified way – Gran would have told Maisie off for doing that – but she still looked beautiful, even upside down.
One of a series of books about Maisie Hitchins, this is an exciting mystery story set in Victorian London. Feisty Maisie is determined to be a detective when she grows up, and living in her gran's boarding house gives her plenty of opportunities to practise her detective skills.
Review by Liss Norton
In this book the beautiful young actress Sarah Massey, a friend of one of gran's lodgers, loses a priceless emerald necklace given to her by her fiancé. There is a curse attached to the necklace and Sarah is convinced that it is causing all her bad luck. Maisie and her dog, Eddie, are soon on the case and have an exciting time backstage at the theatre where Sarah is performing, as they try to find the necklace and get to the bottom of the curse.
I found the story fast-paced, with a plot that twists and turns and surprises the reader from time to time. There is a sprinkling of humour, too, particularly when mischievous Eddie gets involved. Line drawings every few pages make the book even more appealing to its target audience, girls aged 7+. Well worth reading!

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