Thursday 26 September 2013

Stargirl Academy: Ava's Sparkling Spell by Vivian French

The café underneath our flat is called Café Blush, and it's run by Little Val and Tallulah Sweet. It's the prettiest café for miles and miles; inside it's a lovely rose pink, and there are flowery pictures on all the walls. Little Val and Tallulah often stop me when I'm running past the door to give me a huge chunk of the most delicious cake or a carton of yummy soup. We're really good friends. They're much younger than Mum, so they're like the big sisters I've always wanted and I tell them everything – well, almost everything. I've never told them about Stargirl Academy. I'm sure they could keep a secret, but I had to promise faithfully that I wouldn't tell anyone, and a Stargirl always keeps her promise.
Published in July 2013 by Walker Books
Pages - 129
Summary From Walker Books
Ava's leading the fourth Stargirl mission and she wants to help her friends at Café Blush. But with the tricky Sparkling Spell to master, she'll need a lot of support from Team Starlight…
Review by Liss Norton
I really enjoyed this book, the fourth in the Stargirl Academy series. The series is quite formulaic but, despite this, each story is different enough to be of interest to the target market, girls of seven and over. In this story, Ava and her academy friends set out to help Little Val and Tallulah who run Café Blush and who are being put out of business by an unscrupulous couple and their dislikeable teenage sons. The ending is very satisfying and left me thinking: Ha! Serves them right! 
The book is generously illustrated with line drawings every two or three pages, and the cover is a bright orangey-pink with plenty of shiny silver stars to attract young readers. If I had to choose just one book of the series to read, this is the one I'd pick.

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