Saturday 26 October 2013

Dear Snowman By Kathryn White and Alison Edgson

Little Rabbit had made a wonderful, smiley snowman.
"Hello, Snowman," said Little Rabbit, wrapping him in a snuggly scarf. "Do you want to play?"
Published by Little Tiger Press in September 2013
Pages - 32
Summary From Little Tiger Press
Little Rabbit and Snowman are the very best of friends. But when winter fades, Snowman is nowhere to be found. Wherever can he be?
Soon a postcard arrives for Little Rabbit. It's from Snowman – and he's travelling the world!
This delightful story comes with postcards and stickers, so you too can send special wishes to your friends.
I absolutely love this picture book! Little Rabbit is a cute character who includes the snowman in his games. But when the snow starts to melt, the snowman disappears. I was expecting the story to take a sad turn, but Little Rabbit's mum tells him that Snowman's gone on holiday and, to prove it, Little Rabbit starts receiving postcards from him, showing all the amazing places he visits during the warmer months.
When winter comes again … Well, I'm sure you can guess the happy ending!
The soft-edged illustrations are gorgeous with lots of little details added to give authenticity. (Look carefully at the second to last picture or you might miss something important!) 
The book itself is a treat but it also comes with a set of the postcards that Snowman sent while he was away, and there's a sheet of stickers, too. Brilliant!

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