Tuesday 22 October 2013

The Very Snowy Christmas By Diana Hendry and Jane Chapman

It was Christmas Eve. Big Mouse was making cheese pies. Little Mouse was making paper chains. 
"Merry Christmas to us!" sang Little Mouse. "Big Mouse, can I decorate the Christmas tree now? Can I? Can I?"
Republished in September 2013
Pages -  20
Summary From Little Tiger Press
It's the night before Christmas, and Little Mouse is helping Big Mouse to decorate. He sets out to pick some holly but instead finds soft, white flakes falling all around him. "The sky is coming undone!" he cries.
Join Little Mouse as he discovers the wonders of a very snowy Christmas!
This board book is perfect for getting you in the mood for Christmas. It's a cosy family story about Big Mouse and Little Mouse, who are clearly parent and child. When Little Mouse goes out to look for holly to decorate the house, it begins to snow. He thinks the sky is coming apart and runs home to tell Big Mouse, but is frightened by other things on the way. Luckily, Big Mouse is there to reassure him and, after some snowy fun, the book ends with a comforting cuddle in a comfy armchair by the stove.
The story is simple, just right for young children, but it is the colourful illustrations which really stand out. The resourceful mice use all sorts of familiar objects to make their house and garden homely and decorative. Who would have thought that an old toothbrush could become a support for a mouse-sized bridge, or that chessmen could be garden ornaments? Spotting all the uses these easily recognized objects have been put to, makes it hard to turn the pages because you want to keep looking in case you've missed something. And is that a woodlouse I spotted on page 1?
The book is made even more appealing by a delightfully squashy cover with raised, glittery writing and snowflakes. This book is sure to be a favourite in the run-up to Christmas.

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