Monday 11 November 2013

All I Want For Christmas by Esme Taylor

All I Want For Christmas
I’m on my hands and knees in a bar full of German businessmen.
‘Baby’ I mouth as I crawl towards Lee.’Oh-oh, baby…
Lee plays air guitar.
Published by Unlocked Books in November 2013
Pages - 73
Sometimes the best gifts are unwrapped…
Ella is dreading Christmas. She vowed to change her life this year, and although breaking up with her boring boyfriend was the first step, she’s been too scared to take the next, and her life has become small.
But then, when working at a Christmas party, Ella meets Joe. The attraction is instant and convenient: neither is interested in more than a fling. While Ella’s been stuck, Joe’s been running. He’s been travelling for a year and has no plans to stop, but he’s home to spend Christmas with his huge, loud family. His father wants him to stay and join the family business, but Joe’s not yet ready for that kind of commitment and isn’t sure he’ll ever be. But as the snow and the presents pile up – and Ella and Joe’s clothes come off – Ella realises she needs to start living again. And that maybe all she wants for Christmas is Joe…
I have to say before reading this book, I love the whole concept behind Unlocked Books from Hot Key Books. All the books in this imprint will be digitally printed for now, but I am guessing that at a later stage the books will be bound by a theme and published in paper back format in the future, though don’t quote me on that.  Each quarter they will be publishing another set of books which will deal with different genres. I am already hooked on the New Adult ones.
I love Christmas books! Christmas itself – not so much. As it tends to be one of the busiest and most stressful times of the year, what more could I want but  a little nugget of Christmas romance, easily readable in an evening, when time tends to be short.
This book is written under a pseudonym for reasons which I can’t work out as everyone knows that Keris Stainton wrote it. I am presuming it is because of her YA books but as this is the next step up from YA, I don’t actually get it. However, I do love the name – Esme Taylor!!
Ella and Joe are a great couple of characters. Ella has had a hard year and she is struggling to get past the things that have happened. Joe comes along and quickly becomes the antidote to her state of mind, quickly wheedling his way into her feelings. They are exact opposites of each other, yet attractions draws them together to create a promising future.
I loved Movieoke!!! I definitely want to find somewhere to pretend I’m in scenes of my favourite films.
There are some sexual scenes in this book, so don’t go downloading it for your twelve year old daughter as a little extra present. I would imagine it would appeal from 14 years up, even with the mild sex scenes.
There is a lovely Christmas feel to this book and I do think it blends romance, Christmas and sexual content really well. If you want just a slice of Christmas, then this is the book for you.

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