Friday 8 November 2013

Non Fiction Friday–As Delightful As A Carrot by Keris Stainton

In honour of  Trish's Non Fiction Five Challenge  which used to run a few years ago, Non Fiction Friday is an occasional feature on Serendipity Reviews highlighting excellent non fiction books.
As Delightful As a Carrot (How My Boys See The World) by Keris Stainton.
Keris describes her book:
Kids say the funniest things." We know this, right? And my kids do say lots of funny things. They make me laugh, they make their father laugh, they make themselves laugh. And, thanks to my blog (and Facebook… and Twitter…) they seem to make other people laugh too. Loads of times, over the past few years, people have said I should put Harry and Joe's quotes into a book. They were probably just saying that, but I did it anyway...
I will admit to being one of those people who always hoped that Keris would write a book full of the all the lovely things her two boys, Joe and Harry come out with. With my own children now past that stage of innocence, where everything seen through their eyes is wonderful and unique, I found this little bit of heaven, a stepping stone back to my own children’s childhood. I think this is such a lovely idea to keep our children’s words precious to bring out in future years to embarrass the hell of them.
I read this book in one sitting. I couldn’t put it down. Full to the brim of belly laugh quotes, my husband kept checking I was OK, as I continued to screech in laughter, through a very serious episode of Eastenders. It is just so darn funny.
The book is separated into sections with quotes relating to similar themes. From Birds and Bees to Gender Studies, History through to Work and Play, we get to see Harry and Joe’s unique view on the world.
I wanted to share with you a couple of my favourite quotes which highlight some of the weaknesses of *coughs* one member of the Stainton household – no naming and shaming here, Keris…
Harry hits me where it hurts:’Can you let me go on the computer or I’m not going to follow you on Twitter.’
Harry:’Maybe next year you can give up the computer for Lent…’
Where we’re going on holiday, there’s no internet or mobile reception.’So!’ Harry said,’that means NO FACEBOOK OR TWITTER! You’ll have to do colouring!’
This really is a gorgeous little nugget of entertainment which I think everyone should read. A quick route back to any child’s younger years. I hope in a year or so there will be a follow up to this. I can’t wait forever for another fix of Harry and Joe’s views on the world.

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