Saturday 2 November 2013

One Starry Night By M. Christina Butler and Tina Macnaughton

One clear, bright night, Little Hedgehog saw a shower of shooting stars sparkle and flash across the sky. 
"Wow!" he gasped. "I must tell everyone!" And off he ran. 
Summary From Little Tiger Press
Little Hedgehog and his friends are on an exciting adventure – to see a shower of sparkly shooting stars! But they soon find themselves in a spot of bother…
Sequel to best-selling books, One Snowy Night, One Winter's Day, One Rainy Day, One Special Day and One Christmas Night.
This story is all about friendship, with a group of woodland animal friends setting off to watch a shower of shooting stars from the top of a hill. They encounter obstacles on their way, but are able to overcome them by helping each other. It's a simple plot, but one that gives a valuable message about the importance of looking out for your friends. 
The illustrations are truly delightful and are sure to appeal to young children. The front cover is great for touching, too, with a fuzzy bobble hat and slightly raised silvery tails for the shooting stars which appear on every page. This book is definitely not to be missed!

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