Sunday 8 December 2013

How to Catch a Dragon By Caryl Hart and Ed Eaves

It's just not fair.
I've been at school all week, and now I have to do homework! How am I meant to draw a dragon if I've never even seen one?
Published by Simon and Schuster in January 2014
Pages - 32
Summary From Simon and Schuster
Albie's visit to the library quickly turns into an amazing adventure when he makes a new knightly friend amongst the bookshelves.
The brave friends set off on a daring quest, where they meet trolls, bears and a mysterious many-headed monster … but will they be able to catch a dragon?
Going to the library has never been so much fun!
Albie's trip to the library with Mum isn't quite what he was expecting in this picture book. Instead of sitting quietly and drawing a dragon for his homework, he finds himself caught up in a fantasy adventure with a young knight.  
There's danger along the way as Albie and Sir Cuthbert Clinkety-Clank set off on horseback to find a dragon. They meet a grizzly bear and a hungry troll, and then there's that monster in the cave … Fortunately nothing is quite what it seems and everything turns out happily in the end – although it looks as though there might be a problem with the car wash on the way home! But perhaps that's another story… 
This book is bursting with detailed and highly colourful illustrations. There are a couple of picture clues to spot which might help you guess what's coming next and the troll's slightly bonkers language is brilliant. A fun book for young children.

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