Monday 2 December 2013

Meet the Parents By Peter Bently and Sara Ogilvie

Sometimes you think that your mum and your dad
Are there just to nag you and boss you like mad.
Do this and do that – it's a terrible bore.
But here are some MORE things that parents are for…
Published by Simon and Schuster in January 2014
Pages - 32
Summary From Simon and Schuster
Parents are surprising.
You think that they're just there  to boss you about, but did you know they are also targets for ketchup? And tent poles for dens that are wonky? And towels for wiping your grime on?
In this book you'll discover many other handy uses for your parents – and find out what they love best. Apart from you, of course. 
This picture book is a heart-warming celebration of family life. Parents definitely aren't just there to boss children around and here are pages and pages of wonderful pictures to prove it. 
Parents sort out all of life's little mishaps, whether you've dropped ice cream on a stranger's boots or lost some toys in the garden. The rhyming text is perfect and the illustrations expand on it with gentle humour, so there's plenty to talk about on every page. I particularly loved the double spread showing Mum as a donkey: it brought back so many memories! But all of the illustrations deserve close attention. Parents are sure to recognize themselves here, whether they're the dad trying to read while holding up the children's tent, or the mum napping on the sofa.
This is definitely a book to be treasured. I loved it!

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