Thursday 9 January 2014

The Big Break– Part 2 with Lara Williamson

Just before Christmas, I featured the lovely debut author Lara Williamson in part one of the Big Break interview. To read the first part, please click here.  Today I would like to share part two.
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1) The first chapter of A Boy Called Hope is currently available to read online. What kind of reaction have you had from the public?
The reaction has been brilliant and I couldn’t have asked for more. Everyone has been so supportive and kind and I can’t thank them enough. That support means such a lot to a début author.
2) The cover has recently been revealed, what are your thoughts on it?
The cover has now changed due to the feedback from readers and buyers, which is quite normal in publishing and although I loved it before I love this new cover even more. I think it’s brave and striking and it will stand out on the bookshelves. It’s also the sort of cover that would appeal to boys, girls and adults. There is a calm simplicity about it that makes it feel special. For me it’s like looking into the night sky and feeling hope and that sums up the entire book.
3) What did you do before you turned your hand to writing?
I used to be the beauty editor on J-17 magazine where I styled and wrote the beauty pages. It was a great job and I got to travel the world to do shoots. But the best part of all was being lucky enough to work with so many hardworking, talented people. I was in awe of them then and I’m still in awe of them now because so many have gone on to be celebrated authors.
4) I know you are presently working on your second novel. How are you finding that in comparison to writing your first?
Writing the second novel is very different to writing the first. When you’re writing the first one you’ve got all the time in the world but with the second you’re working to a deadline.
5) Do you try to write every day and if so, when is the best time for you to write?
I tend to write through the week and try to keep weekends free. But if I need to I’ll write at the weekend too. I start writing at around 9.30 and continue until 3. After that I stop for a couple of hours and I might do a little bit more in the early evening. It just depends. Some days the writing doesn’t flow and I can sit for hours but write very little and then other days I can write a good amount. No two days are exactly the same.
6) How do you deal with your internal editor, waiting to jump on every mistake you make?
My internal editor is loud. The only way I can deal with it is to keep my head down and keep going while my internal editor continues shouting at me to work harder.
7) How do you feel about the growing demand for writers to have a greater online presence these days?
I can only speak for myself when I say I quite enjoy having an online presence. It’s just a matter of balance. I like being on Twitter and I’ve made lots of lovely friends who have supported me along the way. I’ve been able to ask questions, support others, celebrate successes and above all be part of an incredible writing community because of it. On the flip side it’s important not to get so carried away with being online that you don’t get any work done. Again, balance is the key.
8) What is the grossest thing you have ever done?
When I was a bit younger I really loved eating those chillies that come from jars. I would eat those with everything to give the food a little kick. Anyway, one day I got a bit carried away and ate way more chillies than were good for my stomach. A few hours later I was explosively sick, self inflicted, I might add. Part of that explosive sick came up through my nose and lo and behold there was a little kick inside my nose and out popped a chilli. I’ve also sprained my ankle on dog poop but that’s another story. J
A Boy Called Hope by Lara Williamson is out on 1st March 2014. To read the first chapter go to 

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