Friday 10 January 2014

The Box of Red Brocade by Catherine Fisher

The bomb fell in a split second of silence.
Racing down the street, Jake felt the unbearable pressure in his teeth and nerves; he grabbed at the unlit lamppost and threw himself to the ground.
The explosion was terrifying, a white starburst on his retina. It blew out every window. Bricks and dust roared down, glass shattered on his back and head and arms. Lumps of rubble thudded on him.
Published by Hodder Children’s Books in October 2013
Pages – 361
On a mission to recover his father lost in time, Jake finds himself in 1940s London. From the rubble of the Blitzed city, a clue leads him to an eccentric seer of ghosts, three sinister children and three strange prophesies. Two of them soon come to pass, but what is the Box of Red Brocade? Does it hold the secret of destroying the Obsidian Mirror?

I simply adore this series! This time travelling, fantastical epic adventure has me firmly on the edge of my seat and I can’t wait until the next book comes out. Catherine Fisher has created a fictional masterpiece, which keeps you absorbed from beginning to end.
From the very first paragraph you are thrown right into the action as a bomb drops on London during WW2; one of many detailed and descriptive time settings in the book. With a tightly written plot, the book curves back and forth through time as the characters try to unravel the secrets of the Obsidian Mirror.
I can’t say I love one character more than another as they all stand  out  uniquely from each other.  Jake is strong willed and determined; he will stop at nothing until he finds his father, yet even he isn’t prepared for what he finds. Janus scares me; I am sure he has stepped straight out of the Terminator films.
This book has a little bit of everything, making it the perfect piece of fiction for anyone with eclectic tastes. It has elements of Doctor Who mixed in with Goodnight Sweetheart, hinted with subtle flavours of The DaVinci Code.
I loved it! And I really hope I don’t have to wait too long for the next part!

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