Thursday 30 January 2014

The Kidnapped Kitten by Holly Webb

"Laura! Laura!" Tia waved, as she rushed down their street on the way home from school.
Her neighbour stood up and waved back. Laura was planting something in her front garden and her beautiful cat, Charlie, was sitting next to her, staring suspiciously at the turned-over earth.
Published by Stripes on the 6th January 2014
Pages - 124
Summary From Stripes
Tia has always wanted a cat and is thrilled when her family get a Bengal kitten. Milly is the most beautiful cat she has ever seen – and the cleverest, too!
When Tia hears rumours about local cat thieves she decides to keep Milly inside. But Milly is far too lively to stay shut in the house for long. One day, Tia comes home from school and Milly is nowhere to be seen. Tia has a very bad feeling. What if her adorable kitten has been stolen?
Best-selling author Holly Webb has built quite a reputation as the author of animal, and other, books. In this one, Tia loves her new Bengal kitten, Milly, to bits, and tries to keep her safe when she hears that there are cat thieves in the neighbourhood. But despite all of Tia's best efforts, Milly manages to get out of the house and disappears. At first, Tia's parents think she's simply wandered off and got lost, but eventually Tia manages to convince them that she's been kidnapped. They call the police but there's not much for them to go on, so it's up to Tia to find more information for them. She's willing to do anything at all to track down her lost pet, and Milly is equally determined to find her way home.
This is a heart-warming story about the close bond between a girl and her mischievous kitten. It's full of details about the fun and responsibilities of owning a pet which makes it perfect for animal lovers. The book is printed in fairly large type, with black-and-white line drawings every few pages. The chapters are just the right length for bedtime reading and the story moves along at a cracking pace, leaving the reader eager to find out what will happen next. A good read for animal-loving girls aged around five to eight. 

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