Monday 24 March 2014

The Legend of Frog by Guy Bass

 The Legend of Frog
Frog replaced his quill pen in the inkpot. "Now for Chapter Two."
"What are you writing, Frog?"
Frog slammed his book shut. He turned to see Buttercup's head poking round the door. She looked nothing like Frog. She did not share his bright, mottled green skin or his bulbous yellow eyes. She had ears and a nose – which Frog lacked – and long, brown hair, while Frog had not a single hair on his head. In fact, Buttercup looked decidedly human – there wasn't a hint of anything amphibian about her. But then Buttercup had not hatched from a golden egg.
Published by Stripes in February 2014
Pages - 220
Summary From Stripes
The Legend of Frog is the first book in a brand new three-part series by award-winning and best-selling author, Guy Bass (Stitch Head and Stitch Head: The Pirate’s Eye). A mash-up of fairy tale, fantasy and science fiction with a hearty helping of humour, The Legend of Frog is sure to introduce Guy to a whole new raft of readers as well as delighting his legions of fans.
Prince Frog is convinced he’s destined to rule the world … the trouble is, the world has ended. Undeterred, Frog sets out to claim his crown, armed with nothing more than a pair of Catastrophe Pants and his trusty stick, Basil Rathbone. But Frog soon realizes that the world isn’t quite as ended as he thought. He discovers a magical kingdom, filled with wild landscapes, strange creatures … and a princess sitting on
his throne. Together with his new friend, Sheriff Explosion the sheep, Frog seeks to prove his princeliness and escape the clutches of the princess who’s sure he’d make a better pet than a prince. But just when Frog thinks things can’t get any worse, he discovers he is actually the prince of an invading alien army and that he’s just given the go-ahead for an all-out alien invasion. Can he and the princess put aside their differences long enough to save the kingdom – and the world?
This is a book of two parts. In the first part Frog, a delightful and charmingly na├»ve innocent, sets off to claim his throne and rule the End of the World. In the second, after discovering that he is not who he thinks he is, he finds himself at the centre of an action-movie-type battle between good and evil. Do the two parts marry together well? You bet they do! This quirky book kept me enthralled from beginning to end, and there were lots of laughs along the way. 
Frog knows he is a prince because he hatched out of a golden egg. He longs for a princely life (and the chance to address his loyal subjects), but Buttercup won't let him go in search of one – not even if he's wearing his catastrophe pants … Undeterred, he leaves anyway, taking with him his 'most first-rate and unbreakable of top weapons', the gnarled stick Basil Rathbone. On the way he acquires a trusty  steed of a sheep; he names it Sheriff Explosion to make it seem more impressive. The scene is set for adventure and mayhem.
A laugh out loud book for children aged seven or eight to eleven. Don't miss it!

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