Monday 20 October 2014

One Special Christmas By M Christina Butler and Tina Macnaughton

It was Christmas Eve, and Little Hedgehog was busy in his kitchen.
"We wish you a merry Christmas!" he sang, stirring his yummy cake mixture.
Just then, something landed BUMP! outside his window…
Summary From Little Tiger
From the best-selling Little Hedgehog series comes another festive treat, just in time for Christmas! A brand-new Little Hedgehog paperback from the talented M Christina Butler and Tina Macnaughton. 
It’s Christmas – but poor Santa has a cold! So Little Hedgehog sets out with a sledge full of presents. “Santa’s helper is on the way!” But there are too many presents for one little hedgehog to handle. Perhaps he needs some help from his friends?
With wonderfully wintry illustrations and soft touch-and-feels throughout, One Special Christmas is guaranteed to become a firm Christmas favourite. 
Bring on the holly! Bring on the snow, the fairy lights, the carols … One Special Christmas really put me in the mood for the festive season, even though the sun is shining as I write this review. The illustrations are glorious, full of dark, wintry skies and snow, and with plenty of tiny Christmassy details, such as the festive wreath surrounding the doorway of the riverside house. 
Santa leaves a sleigh full of presents outside Little Hedgehog's house with a note asking him to deliver them because he has a cold. Of course there are mishaps along the way but, with some help from his friends, Little Hedgehog manages to deliver every present before Christmas Day dawns. This is a lovely story about friendship and helpfulness and there's even a fuzzy hat for little fingers to feel. Don't miss it.

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