Saturday 4 April 2015

A Monster’s Moved In by Timothy Knapman and Loretta Schauer

It’s raining and Barnaby is bored. Then he has a brilliant idea: he’s going to make a den. “But a monster might move in!” say Mum and Dad. Barnaby’s den is made of cushions and bits of sofa – far too cosy for a monster. But playing by himself isn’t much fun and soon Barnaby wishes a monster would move in. BIG MISTAKE!
Published by Little Tiger Press 2nd March 2015
Summary From Little Tiger
A laugh-out-loud romp from best-selling author, Timothy Knapman (Dinosaurs in the Supermarket and Mungo and the Pirate Book Pirates). This funny picture book celebrates friendship, imagination and play. Children will love the bright and lively illustrations - a book to banish rainy day blues.
Review by Elizabeth Dale
It’s a typical scenario for any young child (and their mum and dad!). It’s raining and despite all his toys, Barnaby has NOTHING to do. So he decides to make a nice cosy den behind the sofa and he isn’t put off by his parents’ suggestion that a monster might move in. But when it becomes boring in there all on his own, Barnaby wishes that a monster would come. BIG MISTAKE! Burple the monster does. But he’s a fun monster and despite his disgusting packed lunch, he and Barnaby have the best day ever. When Burple finally has to go home, is their fun over? Or does Burple have a surprise for Barnaby?
This is a simple story about friendship, with a really fun twist, greatly complimented by exuberant, colourful illustrations that really bring it to life. An ideal book for a rainy day!

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