Thursday 16 April 2015

Introducing a new reviewer - Isabella Samuels

I don't normally get requests to review on my blog, so it was a lovely surprise to hear from this lovely young lady. Isabella sent me a wonderful email, requesting if she could join our team and I honestly couldn't refuse. Isabella lives quite close to me, which will make it easy to get books to her.
I will pass you over to Isabella to tell you more about herself.

I am a West Sussex student who spends every spare minute reading so that one day I can become the best possible writer I can be. I've always been a compulsive reader, devouring fiction at every available opportunity, so much so I've had to get a part time job to fund the hobby!  I like almost any genre, with a particular interest in historical fiction, but must admit to being a complete chicken when presented with anything remotely scary.
 Isabella will be reviewing her first book for the blog later today, so please stop by and say hello and welcome Isabella to the team. 


  1. Nice to meet you, Isabella! I have a young daughter with the very same name :D I have already had the pleasure to read your first review, loved your style of writing!


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