Friday 3 April 2015

Where The Ideas Flow with Kat Ellis

Today I am pleased to welcome author, Kat Ellis, to the blog to show us where her ideas flow.
Kat's book, BlackFin Sky is published by Firefly Press in May 2015
I have a designated writing room (I can’t really call it an office, because there’s no desk) with a great big corner sofa covered in cushions. This is where I write, with my laptop tray on my knees, and usually a steaming cup of coffee in hand and a wistful look about me.
One wall in my writing room is completely covered with bookshelves, and I sit facing these as I write. At the moment, I’ve got 4 entire shelves dedicated to my to-be-read pile. Eep!
Up in the corner of the room, on top of my shelves, sits Edgar. He’s an owl named after Edgar Allen Poe (I know, I know – he should be a raven) and he reminds me to make sure I’m writing suitably creepy stories.
When I’m stuck on something in one of my manuscripts, or just want to mess around for a while, I play my piano or guitar. It’s a good reminder of why I took up a career in writing rather than music.
I sometimes like to write out parts of my drafts by hand – especially if I’ve been squinting at my laptop for a few days – so I’ve started to build up a collection of notebooks. If my friends and family are ever stuck for gift ideas for my birthday, they know it’s a safe bet that I’ll love a pretty notebook or journal.
One of the things I love most about writing is that I can do it looking like an absolute scruffbag. I therefore have an enviable collection of fleeces, hoodies, sweatpants, and slippers. This rather jaunty cream fleece poncho was a Christmas gift from my husband. He knows me so well…
Pilot keeps me company while I write. As well as being handsome, he also shares my love of fleece.
Blackfin Sky

Just like any other morning, Skylar Rousseau is late for school, but when she is greeted by a blanket of silent stares upon entering Blackfin High, she discovers that the whole town thought she fell from the pier and drowned on her sixteenth birthday three months earlier. However, Sky remembers the last three months living her life as normal, and since she is a full, living breathing human being, she has no idea whose body is buried underneath her tombstone. Everyone seems reluctant to help except her steadfast friend and crush, Sean . . . and a secretive man who draws her to a mysterious circus in the woods.
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