Saturday 9 May 2015

Mermaid Mania - a week long celebration of all things mermaid!

So as you tell, my brain has been ticking over again. I was looking through the books coming out over the next couple of months and realised that there were a couple that I was really looking forward to that were about mermaids. So I came up with a plan, to run a whole glorious week of posts all about mermaids! 
Luckily I managed to coerce a few unsuspecting authors into helping me celebrate. During the second week of June, the following authors will be featured.
Performance poet and author of Loral - Laura Dockrill
Author of the Emily Windsnap books, Liz Kessler
CBeebies presenter and picture book author, Cerrie Burnell.
That won't be all, there will be mermaid reviews and prizes too, not to mention other delghtful mermaid posts to keep you entertained. So make sure you come visit us from the 8th of June, to celebrate mermaid mania!

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