Thursday 11 June 2015

Cerulean Blue by Thea Baker

While trying to decide what to feature on Mermaid Mania week, I serendipitously came across a stunning piece of artwork by illustrator, Thea Baker through children's author, Sam Hay, on Twitter. Sam was highlighting some of the gorgeous illustrations created for #colourcollective ( which Thea will tell you more about below) and I caught sight of her gorgeous illustration. Luckily for me, Thea Baker agreed to come on the blog and talk about her illustrations. 


I created this illustration for #colour_collective, a weekly Twitter based challenge I take part in to help build my portfolio. It’s also a great way to be in touch with peers. The colour theme is set by @PennyNevilleLee every Saturday, in this instance the theme was cerulean blue. 

The sea easily springs to mind with this colour. I try not to go for the obvious but have always wanted an excuse to do a mermaid illustration. Then it popped into my head, a mermaid feeling blue! Perfect! A little humor with the colour but it would also give my mermaid more of a story. 

I always start with a pencil sketch. Normally I would then draw this out several times using layout paper but more recently, and with this picture, I have been scanning the first rough sketch to the computer and working straight onto that in an effort to loosen up my styleI like the energy in the first sketch and found I was losing it the more I reworked it.  

I have created a whole library of textures that I use as a resource to work with. I chose several for this piece. I then draw on top again and add more texture using my Wacom drawing tablet and a selection of favourite Photoshop brushes. 

After posting the original illustration in colour, I saw some beautiful illustrations using gray scale and colour. I wanted to tweak the picture a little more anyway so after I had finalized it I experimented by starting in grayscale and adding colour back in a way that supported the narrative. The final result was interesting!  

About Thea Baker

I graduated from Falmouth College of Arts with a BA (Hons) Illustration. I illustrated the Kids Astrology series published by The Five Mile press in 2013. My working week is a mix of graphic design and children’s illustration. I am currently seeking agent representation as a children’s illustrator.  

After being inspired by #colour_collective, I started my own theme based art challenge on social media, #pinchpunchpost, posting on the first of each month 

Twitter @theaillustrator and @pinchpunchpost 

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