Tuesday 14 July 2015

And Sophie McKenzie's No1 Super Fan Is...

As you may remember, I was asked to judge who would be the winner of the All My Secrets competition and crowned Sophie McKenzie's No1 Super Fan.
Well, the competition ran for five whole weeks and the response was phenomenal! You guys really do love Sophie McKenzie as much as I do!
Every week a winner was chosen for each task.  The most popular week seemed to be when the fan's highlighted their favourite books by Sophie. 
Here is a brief summary of each week's winner and the task they had to perform.

Week 1 – Tuesday 2nd of June
Task:  Sharing All My Secrets cover image, with extra credit for sharing your favourite Sophie McKenzie book cover. 

Winner: Tanya Nolti

Week 2 – Tuesday 9th June
Task: Sharing All My Secrets Facebook banner with extra credit for sharing your favourite song on the theme of secrets. 

Winner: Gracie Flack

Week 3 – Tuesday 16th June 
Task: Reading the All My Secrets sample chapter , as well as suggesting who you would cast as Evie, after reading the chapter.

Winner: Geraldine Barnes 

Week 4 – Tuesday 23rd June 
Task: Sharing and picking your favourite All My Secrets quote card, receiving extra credits for sharing your favourite Sophie McKenzie quote. 

Winner: Sophie Finn 

Week 5 – Tuesday 30th June 
Task:  All My Secrets review, with extra credits for picking your favourite book by Sophie McKenzie. 

Winner: Michelle McBride

So I've trawled through all the figures and information that I received and one name kept appearing again and again. So deciding the winner was an easy task.

I feel there should be drum rolls!!

The overall winner who will be crowned Sophie McKenzie’s #1 Super Fan, have a character named after them in her next book and win a year’s subscription of fantastic new books from Simon and Schuster is...

Lauren Hoven

Congratulations Lauren, you are the overall winner!!!!

Simon and Schuster will be in touch very soon. 

Thank you to everyone that took part. It was an amazing competition and I know Sophie is thrilled with the response. 

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