Friday 17 July 2015

The Last Five Books with Robin Benway

Today on the blog, I'm pleased to welcome author, Robyn Benway, who will be talking about the last five books she read.
1. The Penderwicks in Spring - Jeanne Birdsall
I love this series so much! It's about four sisters and their large extended family and all of the adventures they have. This was the latest book in the series and I don't mind telling you that I cried my eyes out (in a good way) while reading it.
2. Kissing Ted Callahan - Amy Spalding
This is my friend Amy's book, and it was just delightful. Amy writes such smart, well-rounded, funny characters. Plus, it takes place in my neighborhood in Los Angeles! Bonus points for that!
3. Everything, Everything - Nicola Yoon
This book doesn't come out until September, but I read an advanced copy in one sitting. It's about a girl who's literally allergic to the world, but she falls in love with the boy next door. DRAAAAMA! Nicola's writing is so lush and emotional, and her husband did all of the illustrations. I can't wait until it's in stores so everyone can read it.
4. Written in the Stars - Aisha Saeed
THIS BOOK! I couldn't put it down! I thought it was just going to be a typical love story, and I could not have been more wrong. It's my current favorite YA book, and I thought Aisha did an amazing job.
5. The Royal We - Jessica Morgan and Heather Cocks
Probably because I live in America and we don't have a royal family, I'm obsessed with learning about the British monarchy, and this fictionalized account of Prince William and Kate Middleton's romance and marriage was such a delightful read. Heather and Jessica write such funny, sharp dialogue, and every character is three-dimensional and just perfect. I couldn't read it fast enough, and it didn't hurt that it had a brilliant title, either.
Emmy and Oliver by Robin Benway is published in July 2015 by Simon and Schuster 
Oliver's absence split us wide open, dividing our neighborhood along a fault line strong enough to cause an earthquake. An earthquake would have been better. At least during an earthquake, you understand why you're shaking. 
Emmy and Oliver were going to be best friends forever, or maybe even more, before their futures were ripped apart. But now Oliver is back, and he's not the skinny boy-next-door that used to be Emmy's best friend. Now he's the boy who got kidnapped. A stranger - a totally hot stranger! - with a whole history that Emmy knows nothing about. 
But is their story still meant to be? Or are they like the pieces of two different puzzles - impossible to fit together?
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