Saturday 22 August 2015

More! by Tracey Corderoy and Tim Warnes

Archie was a very BUSY rhino.
His space-station model was bigger than Mum. And bigger than Dad. 
But still NOT big ENOUGH!

Summary From Little Tiger Press
Archie is back and has discovered a new word. "More!". MORE books at bedtime! MORE ice cream! MORE bubbles at bath time! But sometimes 'more' is just too much… Family life will never be the same again. The sequel to No! (2013) and Why? (2014), this is a must have for all families with strong-willed toddlers who just want MORE!
This is the third picture book in the Archie series and it's just as much fun as the other two. This time Archie, the little rhino, wants more of just about everything: cakes, bubbles, stories, toys, ketchup… The list goes on!
But when he's invited to a fancy dress party, suddenly having more doesn't seem so much fun after all. Archie learns a valuable lesson but he bounces back in his wonderfully irrepressible way. 
This is a lovely book with bright and funny illustrations, a great story and a gentle moral. Don't miss it!

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