Saturday 26 September 2015

Blogger Island Books with Alix Long

Before heading to Blogger Island, let us take a moment to gaze upon my beautiful new blog post header. Isn't it stunning? It was created for me by Rhys from Thirst For Fiction. I'm so pleased with it. 
Now with this lovely new advertisement for Blogger Island, it's been so much easier to bully sell it to more willing victims visitors. Alex Long from Delightful Book Reviews jumped at the chance to visit my island...
Didn't you, Alix? Alex... Sorry, she can't talk at the moment, but here is the list of books she prepared before I dropped her off at the island. 
If You Find Me
This book is very special to me, as it was the first book I reviewed on my blog, and it is the first (and only!) book in which a quote from my review was published. Also, it’s a beautiful story, and it’s about survival even in the most unlikely of circumstances. I have a feeling that may be useful here!
Jane Eyre
Not only is Charlotte Bronte possibly the most fantastic author who ever lived, but she knew a thing or two about isolation and friendlessness. The strong female protagonist of Jane would probably inspire me to not give myself up to the hungry creatures on the island. What was that line again? Oh yeah, I care for myself. The more solitary, the more friendless, the more unsustained I am, the more I will respect myself.” 
The Bible
This one’s pretty self-explanatory. For a first, I’ll probably never finish this, which will occupy me on those long lonely days on Blogger Island. Second of all, even if I am miraculously rescued, I will have the qualifications necessary to become a vicar. Or a nun.
Collected Works of Shakespeare
To put it simply, Shakespeare is bae. There is not a play of his that I have read that I have not loved. Secondly, the sheer size and weight of this book would be good for swatting flies and warding off the terrible beasts that are sure to roam on Blogger Island. I’m sure Shakespeare would have appreciated imagination and creative approach to survival.
Collected Poems of W.B Yeats
Re-reading Yeats’ poetry would transport me back to my school days, which would make fond memories while basking in loneliness on Blogger Island. Yeats also knew a thing or two about self-reliance, and also, his poetry is just simply beautiful. The right mix between miserable and beguiling. 
Lord of The Flies
This is pretty basic, right? A group of kids, stuck on an island. I’m sure I’ll be able to relate. When I first read this as a vaguely optimistic eleven year old, I am horrified. I’m sure this time around, I’ll be able to relate to it a lot more. And hoping that my time on Blogger Island doesn’t conclude in barbarism and violence, I’ll be able to count my lucky stars that I’m alone…
Shooting Stars

This book kind of marks my journey from childhood to adulthood (cheesy, I know), but it’s true, and I think I’ll appreciate that once I’m on the island. This book was recommended to me from a person who has looked after, encouraged and supported me through two very stressful and confusing years of teenage-hood and I am very grateful. This book marks the time of my life where I finally found myself.

Don't worry, my dear, sweet, permanent residents of the island, I've quickly whipped The Complete Works of Shakespeare away. That book is definitely cheating!
Anyone wishing to set off to my exotic island with just a suitcase of books, please leave  a message in the comment and I will make sure that I COME AND FIND YOU. 

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