Wednesday 30 March 2016

NIBBLES The Book Monster By Emma Yarlett

This is a story about a little monster called… NIBBLES! 

Nibbles likes to nibble soap, 
and Nibbles nibbles socks, 
Nibbles chomps on rubber ducks, 
and Nibbles munches clocks, 
Nibbles loves to nibble toes, 
and Nibbles nibbles hooks. 
But Nibbles' favourite thing of all to nibble on is… 

Published by Little Tiger Press in April 2016

Summary From Little Tiger Press 
Caution! This book contains a crunching, munching book monster! 
Whatever you do, don't let him out. 
Too late…! 
Nibbles is a very naughty book monster and he's nibbling his way through fairy tales that don't belong to him! Can you catch him and put him back in his book? 
Coming to a bookshelf near you in April, children will love to lift the flaps, peek through the holes, and chase Nibbles through a fantastical world of books in this highly interactive story, exquisitely illustrated by Emma Yarlett. 
Packed with favourite fairy tales (including Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Goldilocks and the Three Bears) this clever book provides a unique twist on the genre. 

What a fun book! It has flaps to lift and holes to look through as naughty Nibbles, the book monster, escapes from his cage and munches his way into fairy tales. Poor Little Red Riding Hood's less than pleased to be shut out of her own story, and just wait until you see the damage Nibbles does to the three bears' house… 

This book is highly unusual and likely to appeal to older children than those most picture books are aimed at. For a start, you need to know your fairy tales to appreciate the trouble Nibbles is causing and then there are the names of the fairy tales' authors – I'm sure I've seen those letters rearranged elsewhere! 

The book is a hardback and quite pricy at £11.99, but my copy came with a Nibbles soft toy made of corduroy though I'm not sure if it comes free with the book or whether you have to pay extra for it. It seems well made, but I'm not sure I'd buy one separately. I'd definitely buy the book though. It's fab! 

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