Thursday 7 April 2016

PB Review: The Very Grumpy Day By Stella J Jones and Alison Edgson

"What a perfect day!" smiled Mouse, looking out at the sunshine.
And goodness, wasn't he right! The birds trilled sweetly and the bees buzzed merrily.
"I'll take one of those cupcakes round to Bear," Mouse thought. "He loves a sweet treat."

Published by Little Tiger in March 2016
Summary From Little Tiger Press
There's a big bad mood spreading through the wood! It starts with Bear, who upsets Mole, who snaps at Hedgehog, who's prickly with Fox. Soon Bear's bad mood has made everyone grumpy! All except for Mouse, whose little act of kindness might be just the thing to make everyone happy again…

The Very Grumpy Day is a warm, funny picture book about friendship and the value of being kind and thoughtful towards others. With humorous illustrations from best-selling illustrator Alison Edgson, this enchanting picture book shows little ones just how much a bad mood can affect others, and how one kindness will always lead to another.

Bear is in a mood and, pretty soon, so is just about everyone else who lives in the wood. But Mouse's act of friendship saves the day – and he doesn't even know it!

This is a story with a strong moral that's perfect for young children – especially young children who find it hard to say sorry. Bear's grumpiness makes him thoughtless and leads to consequences that affect his friends' moods. He goes on being grumpy until the cake Mouse has brought him cheers him up and suddenly he understands the need to apologize to Mole. His apology sparks a whole chain of animal apologies until the very grumpy day turns into a perfect one.

The book is beautifully illustrated by Alison Edgson, whose colourful pictures are always a delight. I especially love the way her animals' faces show so much emotion. 

This is a fun story that teaches the value of apologising when you're in the wrong. I'd say it's a good addition to most children's book shelves.  

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