Wednesday 25 May 2016

Still Not Sure Which @tommydonbavand Book To Read For The #tommyvcancer Blog Tour?

If you were on Twitter on Friday evening, you will know that the #tommyvcancer blog tour banner was revealed. Here it is in all it's glory. 
If you are taking part in the blog tour and haven't picked a book to read yet, or you just want to know more about some of Tommy's books, I thought it would be nice to share some of the books he has written for Badger Learning on the blog today.
Tommy with copies of Raven.
Badger Learning have been providing high quality educational resources to schools since 1989. They cater for a wide range of learning ability and styles. Tommy has written quite a few books for them. Here are just some that are available. 

The above are just a few of the Middle Grade books, Tommy has written for Badger Learning. 

Princess Frog-Snogger 
The Kingdom of Bizarnia is in trouble. Its princess is kissing every frog in the land trying to find her prince and she is now down to the last one.
Will this be the frog that can lead her to true love or will it all end in one green, horrible mess.

Snow-Man: What A Drip! 
Raindrops keep falling on Cole Day’s head – resulting in a very sticky situation. Somehow, the rain clouds have been sprayed with glue, and people are getting stuck fast in big, gooey puddles below.
This is the work of a sneaky super-villain named Chuck Ingit-Down, who is stealing whatever he can from his unmoving victims. Snow-Man and his friends will have to rise above the situation in order to fix things this time.

Melody Doom
Following her supervillain parents being captured and locked away in jail, Melody Doom is adopted by a family who couldn’t be more different to hers… 
Her goody two shoes foster family are a complete nightmare. They sing songs, wear bright colours and, worst of all, play charades every night! Melody knows she needs to escape, but how? 
Hatching a plan involving her fluffy pink foster sister as a sidekick, Melody attempts to break into the jail and release her parents. But will the pony-loving princess give the game away? 

These books are from the range of teen reads, Tommy has written.

All 15-year-old Poppy wants is to be allowed to dye her hair jet black, and for everyone to call her Raven.
And to discover whether her missing twin brother is alive or dead so that she and her parents can finally move on with their lives.
Can Poppy find Stephen, and a place to belong, at the same time?

Joe and his mum are homeless and in deep financial trouble.
Then the teenager is made an offer he can’t refuse, and he agrees to a one-off job that could get his family back on their feet.
But are they getting into deeper water than they realise... ?

The Head is Dead.
A graphic novel. 

If you're still struggling to pick one of Tommy's books, head over to Badger Learning and take a look at all the books, Tommy has written for them. Or tweet @Danny_D_Pearson or @BadgerLearning to get a Tommy Donbavand recommendation.

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