Tuesday 16 August 2016

Goodnight Tiger by Timothy Knapman and Laura Hughes

It was the middle of the night but Emily couldn't sleep…
because of all the BELLOWING and STOMPING and TRUMPETING and GROWLING!

"The animals must have escaped from the zoo!" she cried.

But there was no one in the street except next door's cat.

Summary From Little Tiger Press
Goodnight Tiger is a funny bedtime story, full of jungle animals and surprises. With vibrant, characterful illustrations by Laura Hughes (Daddy Sandwich), this charming picture book by best-selling author Timothy Knapman (Mungo and the Picture Book Pirates and Dinosaurs in the Supermarket) is sure to delight children at bedtime – and it's great for reinforcing bath and bedtime routines too.
Published in April 2016 by Little Tiger Press
Goodnight Tiger is the perfect book for bedtime! It tells the magical story of the noisy animals in Emily's wallpaper and how she tries to help them go to sleep. But the jungle's a very different place to Emily's house and having a bedtime bath and a cup of hot chocolate don't work at all. And as for hugging a bear… well, read the book and see what happens!

Laura Hughes's illustrations are bright and colourful and the animals' facial expressions are delightful. There's plenty to talk about in the illustrations, too, though not so much that little ones will still be chattering when it's time to go to sleep. I'd definitely recommend this book – especially for parents frazzled by trying to get reluctant children into bed. Don't miss it!

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