Friday 28 October 2016

Fortune by Eve Ainsworth

Another fabulous Halloween inspired post today from Young Adult author, Eve Ainsworth, revealing a reading from a fortune teller...

I’m not sure I ever really believed in fortune tellers, I mean most of them are a bit naff aren’t they? I remember going to see a few as a kid, the kind of seaside ones that have a giant crystal ball perched on the table in front of you. 

“I can see a D….dad maybe?” 
“I can see water…a great journey. I can see you sitting exams.” 

It hardly convinced me BUT I was still interested. I loved this kind of stuff. I read horror and mystery books, I loved exploring the weird and wonderful things in life - and let’s face it -some things just can’t be explained, can they? 

When I was twenty-one I’d just finished university and was a bit, well, lost. I was working on a temporary contract in a recruitment agency (which involved hiding behind a big computer pretending to make sales calls – I hated it). I was back living at home and had dated a succession of not very suitable men. 

I was feeling underwhelmed in my post-university life...

I was also still trying to write a book, although I didn’t tell many people about that. 

My sister decided to take me to Psychic Fair to cheer me up, it did look really interesting. Amongst all the weird and wonderful stalls and displays, there was a Psychic there. He had pretty good credentials having worked with the likes of Paul McKenna – but more importantly he looked nice. He had a lovely smiley face and kind eyes. 

I decided to give it a try. 

The first thing he said? “You’re in the wrong job. You should be doing something creative.” He took my hands. “I can see these gripping a pencil. One day you make your living this way.” 

I remember smiling, thinking of my 200-word unfinished manuscript tucked under my bed. Yeah, right. But it was nice to dream eh? 

His next words were more sombre. 

“You’re going to have a tough time coming up. You need to keep an eye for a family member. I’m sorry it might not be easy.” 

I wasn’t sure at the time who he meant. Then a month after the reading my brother passed away. His words echoed with me for ages. 

He finished up by saying: 

“And I know it worries you, but you are going to meet someone soon. He’ll be slightly older. Very arty and kind.” 

Two months later I met a slightly older guy, an architect. He is very arty. And kind. We’re married now. So I guess you could say that part came true. 

“Any kids?” I asked. 

He looked at my palm and smiled. 


Well, that was spot on as well…. 

For ages I had the taped recording of the session and there was a lot more that he said that did come true, or was correct about me personally. I honestly can’t say how he did it but it was fascinating, if a little bit creepy. 

I will never again be quick to dismiss such things. 

And I’ll never forget my fortune teller with the kind eyes.
Crush is published by Scholastic 
The dark and compelling tale of an abusive teen relationship, told from the perspective of the victim, fourteen-year-old Anna
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