Saturday 12 November 2016

My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things

Earth is our amazing home. it's covered with lush forests, dry deserts, and big blue oceans (so big that Earth looks blue from space.) Earth is the only planet that we know of where things can live, so it's a very special place! 

Published in September 2016 by Dorling Kindersley

Summary From Dorling Kindersley 
A very important person needs a very important book… and My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things is the perfect answer for the inquisitive little learner in your life. 

For age 4 upwards, this chatty, informative book combines beautiful photography with charming illustrations, and guides curious kids on an enjoyable, educational journey of discovery. Facts and images will feed a child's imagination and quench their thirst for knowledge, while supporting the KS1 National Curriculum. 

With a bound ribbon to keep track of where your child has reached on their journey, the book is split into six sections: My Planet, Places, Animals, People, Me, and Other Very Important Things, covering everything from the continents to the blue whale. Children will learn everything from where animals live, to the way to say 'hello' and 'goodbye' in different countries. 

My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things is bursting with all sorts of knowledge – and loads of important things to set young minds alight! 

This is an excellent, chunky encyclopaedia for young children. It's packed full of colourful pictures which make every page grab your attention, and the information is given in a bite-sized, simple way with fairly large print and a variety of fonts which add to the appeal of the book. 

There's a clear index at the back of the book and a useful list of contents at the front. There are pages on subjects ranging from clouds to multiplication, super scientists, gemstones and primates. Each item fills one double page spread so if you're looking for a book that gives loads of in depth information, this is probably not the one for you. However, the info it gives is not totally dumbed down, even though the book's aimed at young children: I'm embarrassed to say that there are facts here I didn't actually know! 

If you're thinking of buying an encyclopaedia for your young child, I can definitely recommend this one. It's perfect for dipping in and out of, but be prepared to answer some tricky questions about all sorts of subjects – I can see children developing a thirst for knowledge when they start exploring this book.

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  1. This does sound like a super book for children. Lovely review1


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