Friday 18 November 2016

Now! by Tracy Corderoy and Tim Warnes

Archie found waiting a little bit hard.
He wanted to have all the fun NOW!

Summary From Little Tiger Press
Calling all parents with impatient toddlers who want everything…NOW! Award-winning duo Tracey Corderoy and Tim Warnes are back with another dose of Archie trouble.
Archie is finding waiting a little bit hard. There are SO many fun things to do. The problem is, he just can't wait! Archie wants to do everything…NOW!
This charming picture book, starring the adorably mischievous little rhino Archie, is a must for fans of NO!, WHY? and MORE! With chuckle-worthy writing from Tracey Corderoy and fun illustrations from Tim Warnes, NOW! is the perfect book to open up early discussions of patience with your unruly little ones.


This picture book is perfect for impatient toddlers and their frazzled parents. Who could help but laugh at the things Archie, a little rhino, gets up to when he's too impatient to wait? And who wouldn't feel pangs of sympathy for his long-suffering parents?
The Archie series covers different aspects of toddler behaviour and all the books give a gentle lesson. Here, Archie discovers that doing some things straightaway has unfortunate consequences. But after waiting impatiently to go on holiday, suddenly it's Archie who holds up proceedings as his parents start the hunt for his missing tiger toy.
The book has a short and simple text, but there's plenty to talk about in the pictures. There's plenty to smile about, too, especially for families trying to survive those tricky toddler years!

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