Tuesday 6 December 2016

Introducing the Debut Authors 2016 & 2017

It's that time of year again. And as it was so well received last year, I thought we should do it all over again. Yes, I'm referring to the Debuts series. If you missed it last year, then here is the link.
So back to this year. None of the debuts featured at the beginning of the year for 2016, have been featured again, as I thought it would be really lovely to feature seven other debuts in this series. 
 From the 25th of December through to the 31st of December, I will be featuring seven debuts authors from this year. The authors that will feature are as follows:

Chris Russell - Songs About A Girl 

Sue Wallman - Lying About Last Summer

Eugene Lambert - The Sign of One

Tamsin Cooke - The Scarlett Files: Cat Burglar

Nick Ostler - Defender of the Realm 

Manuela Salvi -  Girl Detached

Katharine and Elizabeth Corr - The Witch's Kiss

And as the New Year dawns upon us, we will celebrate the debut authors who will be published in 2017. The authors featured are as follows:
Katharine Webber - Wing Jones

Alice Broadway - Ink

Amy Wilson - A Girl Called Owl 

Lorraine Gregory - Mold and the Poison Plot

Jennifer Killick - Alex Sparrow and the Really Big Stink

Simon James Green - Noah Can't Even

Lisa Thompson - The Goldfish Boy

Penny Joelson - I Have No Secrets 

That's the final line up for the debut series. Make sure you come back and join us from Christmas Day onwards as we celebrate the debuts old and new.

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