Tuesday 5 May 2020

A Sprinkle of Sorcery by Michelle Harrison

With an imagination similar to Enid Blyton and the story telling skills to match J.K. Rowling, Michelle Harrison has created an exciting enchanted world for children to lose themselves in. 
I honestly thought after reading the ending of A Pinch of Magic, the Widdershins girls wouldn't be able to add to their magical adventures, but the author has proved me wrong. Not only has she created another fast paced and action packed adventure for the sisters to dive into, but she's also managed to expand the world they live in, giving us a wider view of the other magical islands further afield. 
As soon as I started reading, I was thrust back into the Widdershins' unique world of magic and mayhem. Only this time, I was sailing the waters surrounding their island. This book is bursting with pirates and will-o-the-wisps. The Winking Witch was definitely my favourite place to visit. And Rusty Swindell's is a spirit to be fearful of! 
You instantly love the Widdershins sisters, they are like a younger version of the Charmed girls, only personally I think they are braver and much more feistier, especially young Charlie. 
Each book has its own historical Crowstone Chronicle story with a hidden moral, reminding me of the Storyteller tales I loved so much as a child. This one delves us into the world of three brothers, Luck, Hope and Fortune, who travel far and wide in search of ways to increase the family wealth.
Michelle Harrison has shown that with a Pinch of Magic and a Sprinkle of Sorcery, you can create a best selling children's classical  series that will be adored by children for many years to come. 

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