Thursday 11 June 2020

Wonderland by Juno Dawson

"We're all mad here"

This book is utterly bonkers! But in a good way! If you thought the original Alice in Wonderland was strange, imagine it with the setting and cast from Made in Chelsea. 

Alice is desperate to find Bunny; after one night together, she's fallen in love and worried about Bunny's safety after she goes missing. Setting off on a psychedelic trip without knowing if she will ever return the same person, Alice finds herself searching for Bunny in Wonderland, a prestigious high society weekend hell raiser, where only old money allows you entry. With all the guests, dining on a concoction of alcohol and drugs, Alice finds more than she bargained for. 

Told in first person, we get to experience the bizarre Wonderland world through Alice's eyes. Alice is a complex character, recovering from attempted suicide and still struggling to come to terms with being comfortable in her own body and you find yourself constantly wanting to hug her and reassure her. Luckily, as the book progresses, Alice's search for Bunny, helps her to find herself. I felt it gave a true insight into the life of a trans girl. 

I loved the characters within the book and also how the author moulded and transformed aspects of the original Alice story to fit this one.  Cat was utterly brilliant and definitely one of my favourites. Wonderland is the type of party you wished you'd been invited to.

The ending of the book was completely unexpected, transforming the story from a glamorous party into a thriller in one chapter. You definitely need to keep on your toes with this book! I get the impression from the ending of the book that a sequel may be on the cards. But who knows? This is the world of Wonderland after all!

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