Friday 10 June 2011

Tiger's Curse by Colleen Houck

Pages - 498

Published by Hodder in June 2011

Book kindly sent by publisher for an honest review.

The prisoner stood with his hand tied in front of him, tired, beaten, and filthy but with a proud back befitting his royal Indian heritage. His captor, Lokesh, looked on haughtily from a lavishly carved, gilded throne. Tall, white pillars stood like sentinels around the room. Not a whisper of a jungle breeze moved across the sheer draperies. All the prisoner could hear was the steady clinking of Lokesh's jeweled rings against the side of the golden chair. Lokesh looked down, eyes narrowed into contemptuous, triumphant slits. 

Every so often you get a book that takes over your life. Normally for the following 48 hours, you stop living; your family lives off takeaways, your children wear the same clothes without you noticing, the house begins to resemble a refuse site and the dog takes himself off for a walk, whilst you keep your head down and read. Well Tiger's Curse is that book! I was desperate to read it and there was no way the book would be torn from my hands without sending me into a typical two year tantrum!

The cover begs to be stroked! I knew when I laid eyes on the cover, my book radar was onto a winner. As of yet, it has never let me down and this book was AMAZING!

Kelsey Hayes is looking for a summer job. Little did she realise, she would be looking after a tiger with a travelling circus. You would think that would be enough excitement, until she finds herself travelling to India to help break a curse that has held for 300 years.  With Ren, the mysterious white tiger by her side, she sets out on a journey where magic and  ancient prophecies intertwine with real life and lead her into dangerous situations. Can Kelsey break the curse forever?

Oh how I loved this book! So much so, that I got withdrawal symptoms when I had finished it. I may need therapy after falling in love with a ferocious white tiger. This is the first book in ages that has left me with the intensity and desperation I felt when I read the Twilight series in one week!

The plot is just fantastic. I have no idea which way Kelsey's heart will go and I believe that is what the author intended from the start. This book was written after Colleen had fallen in love with the Twilight series, however she didn't want it to be obvious where Kelsey's love would lie, so she created two hot Asian princes to lead the poor girl astray.  At the present moment in time, I stand in Ren's corner, but I have been warned that I may change allegiance to  Kishan, the black tiger. All of the characters come across as being well written and I found myself easily imagining how they looked. Both tigers were extremely swoonsome!( Which just doesn't sound right, does it?)

The ending of the book was climatic and I found myself shouting at Kelsey to change her mind. She didn't listen to me screaming at the book!  The ending was such a cliff hanger that  I am relieved to have the second book standing by otherwise the inner child in me might have shown herself up.

The setting for the book is extremely exotic and the author has worked hard to bring the visual images of India to life for the reader. Her writing is so detailed, that all your senses are hit at once causing an explosion. I picked up the book and stepped out of cold, wintry old Blighty, into the warm,sensual, atmospheric world of India. I would imagine that Colleen is spot on with her research, as it seemed so real to me, however I ever never been to India so I can't actually say if that is true or not.

If you don't believe me, then read it for yourself. This book will leave you wanting more. It will tantalise your nerve endings and engulf you in a spine tingling journey where the outcome with leave you in a frenzy! Did I mention I loved this book?


  1. So... the book was alright then was it? *g*

    It sounds amazing - the cover on it's own is just absolutely gorgeous! Another for me to add to the wishlist :)

  2. I want to pet that cover now too :D Awwwww!
    And yay for it being so awesome

  3. What a fantastic review! I wasn't sure if I wanted to read this one or not but now I feel like I should run out of the house to buy it! :D

  4. What a thoroughly enjoyable review ;D Oooo and what fun..torn between two tigers..wait, that didn't sound But the book does sound like a must have. TY

  5. Hadn't heard of this before but it sounds absoutely amazing! Definitely getting a link to my wishlist post tomorrow!!

  6. I've been curious about this book every since I laid eyes on that fabulous cover! It sounds amazing!

  7. I can't help but think you loved this book? Whatever gave me that impression I don't know. So wonderful when a book has the power to suspend life like this, it sounds like a fantastic read.

  8. Carmen - I know I gushed too much!

    Jules - run! and run quickly!

    Animewookie - I keep saying that is it wrong to lust over two tigers, but hey, what the hell! LOL

    Louise - I loved it and I hope you will too.

    Bermudaonion - the cover is not let down by the book.

    Petty Witter - do you think so?LOL. I loved it.

  9. 'Every so often you get a book that takes over your life.'<-dont you love it when that happens? nice review :) This one sounds good!

  10. I JUST had to choose between this and "Divergent" as my download. And I chose the latter... now I feel like I've missed out!

    Oh well, roll on next month! :P

  11. Great review, Vivienne. I didn't love the book quite as much as you did but I LIKED it. The last 100 pages or so was a bit annoying.. My review is up on Monday.

  12. After your gushing over this on twitter I thought it sounded good but now I think it sounds great, will have to get it I think!

  13. Arghhh definately regretting turning down a copy now *sigh*
    Will add it to the library wish-list so I can stare at the gorgeous cover :D

  14. I think your passion and enthusiasm for this book makes me so much excited about reading this book than I was before :)

  15. I agree totally! I read both Tiger's Curse and Tiger's Quest when they were released on Kindle over a year ago... I still find myself missing the characters and reliving scenes, especially from book 2! I read so much that it is RARE for a book to stick with me so long, but I cannot let go of Kelsey, Ren, and Kishan!

  16. What an awesome review for an awesome book! I'm putting everything into a wish list now. I can't believe how many books I'm missing out when I haven't been visiting you.


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